Adoption TODAY — June 2013
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Editor’s Thread
Kim Phagan-Hansel

Parenting Is n’t Always Easy

Parenting is not easy. Children don’t come with a book that tells you what to do when they spike a fever or how to handle a toddler in the midst of a major melt down. There are many times I’ve turned to other resources to help guide me through some of the more challenging parenting dilemmas. Having worked through some attachment challenges with my daughter caused by months of being colicky as an infant, I have found myself alone, struggling to find ways to help her and me get through those tough early years. But I was n’t really alone — there are many out there who have experienced similiar challenges.

As many of you know, children from tough beginnings in institutionalized care, who are abused and neglected, can forever have a lifelong imprint from those early years. And working through the recovery process can be challenging both for the child and the parents. A lot of people don’t understand the impact of early childhood trauma and the special parenting it takes to help these children slowly mend and heal from those early hurts.

At Adoption Today, we understand these struggles and we don’t want you to be alone, in the dark, struggling to find answers. This June issue is our gift to you. Made available for FREE on our website at, the June issue can be accessed all month simply by clicking on the flipping icon. Included in this special issue are stories from parents, just like you, who have walked the attachment parenting journey. There are valuable articles about various types of treatment and therapies available and a checklist that will help you identify when it’s time to get more expert help. At the end, is an extensive list of therapists across the country who specialize in working with attachment and trauma issues, as well as adoption issues. This list will hopefully guide you to find the specialized help you need instead of floundering to find someone who understands what you and your child are experiencing.

Publishing for more than 15 years, we at Adoption Today, can’t thank you enough for joining us on this adoption parenting journey. We thank you for your support of our work and we want to honor you and your children with this special issue. We hope you enjoy and learn from this issue. We hope, in some small way, that it will help you move forward with building the bonds of attachment and love with your children.