Imagine — Winter 2013
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Quick and thorough care <br /> <br /> “I want to say thank you to all who helped take care of my son, Easton. Starting with Dr. Liesen and his staff at the pediatric clinic, I got an appointment right away. I called at noon and had an appointment at 1:15 p. m. Dr. Liesen and his staff were immediately concerned. He had my son directly admitted to the pediatric floor at Women’s and Children’s Hospital. As soon as we stepped on the floor, nurses and doctors were ready for Easton. I truly appreciate Dr. Koehn, Dr. Mildenhall and Dr. Houck for getting orders ready stat and to the nurses, Shelly and Courtney, for their attention to Easton. Corinne with Child Life Services was awesome to help distract Easton during the chest X-ray and IV insertion. Easton recovered quickly and we are so grateful to all who cared for him. ThAnk you!” <br /> <br /> Elizabeth F., Harrisburg<br /> <br /> Praise for lactation consultant <br /> <br /> “I want to thank you for all your help and support in breastfeeding. You have a great personality that encourages breastfeeding and instills confidence.Thank you for fielding numerous questions and helping me in such an important way for the growth of my child and myself. You are very patient and responsive. I also felt that you genuinely cared about my baby and me, and that your job is something that you enjoy doing. The University of Missouri is lucky to have such an excellent resource.” <br /> <br /> Lauren O., Columbia, thanking Lori Lampe, RN, certified lactation consultant<br /> <br /> Patient representative kudos <br /> <br /> “I was registering this morning for an annual screening and I want to let you know that the patient representative at the registration desk, Brian, did an excellent job! He was very kind, courteous, patient and thorough with his job. His work area was neat, orderly and very clean. He made constant eye contact and was expedient in performing his job duties. In addition, his appearance was immaculate. He wore a tie and a neatly pressed dress shirt. He did an awesome job and is an excellent representative of Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the University of Missouri.” <br /> <br /> Beatrice O., Columbia<br /> <br /> Thankful for amazing care <br /> <br /> “We were so thankful for the amazing care our daughter received. I cannot say enough good things about the team of doctors and nurses who worked so well together to provide our daughter with the treatment she desperately needed to recover from pneumonia and possibly asthma. I honestly don’t like to think about what might have been had she not made it to Children’s Hospital when she did. I know the Lord brought us to the hospital and I am so glad he did. This hospital has the best team of doctors and nurses I’ve ever seen. Thank you More ThAn i Can say!” <br /> <br /> Kathy C., Shelbina <br /> <br /> Lifesaving care <br /> <br /> “I really would like to thank the staff . I almost died and they did everything they could to help. Dr. Green and his staff are great and they care. As for the fabulous staff at OB, 3rd floor, I want to say thank you! Susan, Carrie and Rita deserve an award of recognition for their value in what they do. Dr. Green also deserves one. Thank you Women’s and Children’s Hospital for keeping me alive and caring for me after giving birth.” <br /> <br /> Mellisa S., Fulton<br /> <br /> Young philanthropists support Children’s Hospital <br /> <br /> “I had a lemonade stand and I tried to make as much money as I could. Guess what? I made $81. I was so glad!! This is what I want you to use it for.I want you to buy more medicine if the medicine runs out.” <br /> <br /> — Seven-year-old Katie V. wrote the letter and 4-year-old Ann V. helped run the lemonade stand.