Cardiology Magazine — Jan-Feb 2012
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From The President
David R. Holmes

The ACC: Driving Appropriate Use of New Science and Technology

With this issue of Cardiology, I’m once again reminded of the value the ACC brings to members in terms of guiding the appropriate use of new technologies and new therapies. As you’ll read about in this issue, the College in January alone released updated Appropriate Use Criteria for Coronary Revascularization and expedited an Expert Consensus Document on Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR).In both cases, your ACC worked with our partner specialty societies to provide cardiovascular professionals with timely, up-to-date information on two topics drawing increasing interest from payers, industry, patients and others. As president, I’m proud to see the College be more proactive and nimble in providing our members with clinical guidance, and I look forward to building on the examples set by both of these efforts to make the process even better.

Also keeping to the theme of steering evidence-based guidelines and care, Harlan Krumholz, MD, FACC, discusses the need for independent review of all industry data, while Humayun J. Chaudhry, president and CEO of the Federation of State Medical Boards, provides a closer look at the Maintenance of Licensure framework by which physicians will eventually be required to demonstrate continued clinical competence in their area of practice as a condition for licensure renewal.

On a different note, for those who didn’t have the opportunity to attend the fantastic Cardiovascular Care Summit in Las Vegas, this issue provides a look at the topics covered at the summit and also features a special look at the “State of the States” from ACC Board of Governors (BOG) Chair Thad Waites, MD, FACC.A lot of work on behalf of ACC leaders and staff went into making the summit, as well as the corresponding Leadership Forum and BOG meeting, a success. Having all three meetings at the same time provided opportunities for new and emerging ACC leaders (see who they are on pages 28 - 31) to not only gain a better understanding of their roles within the ACC family, but also engage in discussions with colleagues around the country on topics ranging from appropriate use, to hospital integration, to health care and payment reforms.

While I’m on the topic of excellent meetings, ACC.12 in Chicago will be upon us before we know it. The last day for advance registration is Feb. 15. My challenge to the meeting co-chairs was to think outside of the box, and I think you’ll see that they’ve done just that with exciting new formats, session tracks and opportunities for Maintenance of Certification. In addition, the ACC-i2 with TCT track is also shaping up nicely and E. Murat Tuzcu, MD, FACC, talks about some of the highlights on page 20.

The ACC has a history of leading in clinical excellence and education, and as we head into 2012, I’m excited to see us continue to forge ahead and carry on the legacies of those before us. What an exciting time to be part of the ACC!

From the ACC to You!

David R. Holmes, Jr MD, FACC