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SPRING 2012 Volume 5 • Issue 3 4 LID Success Stories in Florida John Ryan Brett Cunningham, P.E. Allan Willis Molly Williams 8 Monitoring Considerations for Nitrogen Beneath Infiltration Basins LID project photos courtesy of Brown and Caldwell Evan Shane Williams, PhD, P.E. Martin P. Wanielista, PhD, P.E. 14 T Baffle Box Effectiveness Monitoring Project Gordon England, P.E., D.WRE Dan Smith, P.E., PhD, DEE 18 Reviving the River of Grass: Estimating Operations and Maintenance Costs for Large Scale Water Management Infrastructure he Florida Watershed Journal’s Executive Committee is pleased to bring you the latest information on stormwater management throughout the State of Florida as the focus of this Spring 2012 Issue. As our regulatory environment prepares to shift throughout the State of Florida, we thought it was important to bring our readers information on the newer more integrated aspects of stormwater management. Stormwater management is so much more than it used to be—far beyond the civil engineer in the office with a design storm analysis. Now a fully integrated scientific team must truly understand how a treatment system will perform on multiple levels. Nutrient uptake, ecological/biological function, soil and hydrologic conditions, and cost-effectiveness are more important than ever—just to name a few of the considerations. This Issue features current project information from several stormwater leaders throughout the state. Many of these experts are delving into low-impact development (LID) and providing valuable lessons learned on this important topic. We hope you thoroughly enjoy this issue and we wish you a wonderful and memorable summer. We will return with a new issue at the end of the summer with a focus on public-private partnerships. Paul Walansky, P.E.

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