decline magazine September 2012 : Page 119

decline The new house has three garages; I like garages. There are two for cars and one for two-wheeled machines. The bike/moto garage features a full wireless sound system courtesy of Chris Dragon at JBL. Gotta have internet and tunes cranking while I’m working in there. I basically designed the garage around a workspace that I never need (or want) to leave. That includes beer, coffee, and obviously a place to dispose of said items. This is my nice, big flat-screen hooked up with Google TV. It’s good for tunes, web-surfing, and pulling up bike and moto repair manuals online. I mostly just use it to jam out with Pandora. 119 I have two beers on tap, both of which are my wife Cath-ryn’s homebrew. Right now we have a Belgian-style Trippel and a nice crisp Saison on tap. Both are high octane to keep me motivated while building bikes. The coffee machine is none other than a Rancilio Silvia, complete with my own home-roasted beans – you gotta keep it fresh!

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