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KORE COMPOSITE Bang, buck, and available in clear. Also available in black, white, brown, red, and purple. The nylon/polycarbonate pedal body spins on a steel spindle with open-cartridge ball bearings, housed both inboard and outboard. If you’re going to grind on your pedals, this is the pedal for you! Price: $19.98 ; Contact: Like most of Deity’s components, the Decoy pedal is available in anodized black, green, purple, red, and powdercoat white. The 17mm-thick, concave pedal body features eight allen-head pins per side, and is easily removed from the stepped black polished chromoly axle. Using a DU bushing outboard, and a double-sealed cartridge bearing inboard, the Decoy spins predictably, and can be serviced without removing your pedals from the bike. This is also the ideal pedal for those of you without a pedal wrench, as the axle features an 8mm allen insert for removal and installation. Price: $85 ; Contact: DEITY DECOY 2.5 Easily the thinnest pedals we have seen, the Crampons range from 6mm at the ends to 17mm at the axle. The pedal body is made from 6061 aluminum, and it spins on a chromoly axle using a DU bushing and two sealed-cartridge ball bearings. In addition to gaining ground clearance, the thin pedal allows the rider to push through the “dead spot” at the top and bottom of the pedal stroke, making it the most efficient pedaling platform available. Price: $120 ; Contact: CANFIELD CRAMPONS Not only does this pedal have a ti axle, it also comes in three different sizes to coordinate with the size of your shoes. They are incredibly light, yet still feature three sealed-cartridge bearings inside the 7075 aluminum pedal body. While many of the pedal pins are aluminum, Syntace also includes chromoly pins, both of which feature multiple methods of removal in case of breakaway, and also come in multiple lengths. In addition, their website features diagrams on how to map out your pedal pins for different types of riding. These may be the most technologically advanced pedals for mountain bikes, but they ain’t cheap. Price: I  you have to ask…$319 ; Contact: SYNTACE NUMBER 9 TI The MEO1T pedal from HT is their top-shelf gravity pedal offering. This flat pedal has a 11mm-thick extruded and machined magnesium body. The svelte spindle is machined from 6-4 titanium and supported by two DU bushing and one patent bearing. These pedals are the flat pedal of choice for World Cup Series Champion Aaron Gwin and four-time World Champion Brian Lopes. The low profile, replaceable traction pins and 234-gram per pair weight make these a top choice if you can afford them. Price: $260; Contact: HT ME01T The Bozeman, MT-based company hits the bling-for-the-buck market with their ti-axle pedal, available in 13 different colors! Spinning inboard on a tapered, self-lubricating, turcite bushing, and outboard on an enduro sealed bearing, the meticulously CNC machined pedal body undergoes tumbling, polishing, cleaning, and anodizing before being assembled by hand. Piling on even more bling, the sharp aluminum pins are also available in 13 colors. Traction pins are also available in chromoly and ti, but without the fancy colors. Price: $195 w/chromoly axle, $270 w/ ti axle ; Contact: TWENTY 6 PREDATOR

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