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Food • Pharma • Chemical • Manufacturing • Distribution Wisconsin’s Weighing & Measurement Resource Since 1962 Product Guide (800) 236-1733 OHAUS MOISTURE ANALYZERS BALANCE MB Series Moisture Analyzers The MB Series Moisture Analyzers feature excellent repeatability properties for consistent accuracy during testing. Did You Know? has provided calibration service, repairs and new product solutions for over 50 years . Schedule an “Inspection Agreement” calibration today and learn how you can qualify for new product discounts! 2 Z405 • The MB23/25 employ a bright backlit LCD • Halogen or IR heating elements • MB45/35/25 have a fast & even halogen lamp • The MB23 uses a glass free IR heating system • The MB45 features powerful software and integrated database • The MB45 stores 50 drying procedures • Track statistical data See Page 10 for more information. United Scale & Engineering Corp. See page 2 for details. Lowest Price -Discount Codes! HOW IT WORKS: OHAUS MECHANICALS Field Test Scales The affordable OHAUS Field Test Scales are compact industrial scales that provide accurate weighings of a wide range of heavy materials, even under the most adverse conditions. The large, stabilized pan can hold oversized samples without tipping, and the weighted base keeps the entire scale stable. Readings up to 500g are taken from a single, sliding-weight beam, while a set of slotted weights, stored in the base, can extend the capacity up to 16kg. Z6531 • Locate the Product for Your Application. • Find a Discount Code, Call Us! • Note the Code and Get Preferred Discounts! We will give you the Lowest Discounted Price from the following promo codes: 2 Z405 Z6531 • Low cost, high precision • Readings up to 500g • Slotted weight set stored in base See Page 13 for more information. For Customer Product Questions, Additional Pricing Information or Calibration Services Z1392 71 Z54 (800) 236-1733 • UnitedScale.com 24-hour United Ser Emergency vice Scale 2 Page See details. for

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