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“I actually got a call from Tie Domi originally and he told me - if I was in, he was in - and that’s kind of what pushed me to get involved,” Probert tells In-Play Magazine. Probert says the call prompted him to join the show and the former Red Wings enforcer didn’t look back, until the first taping… “As it got closer to the show it’s amazing how nervous I was, it seemed like more nerves than I had for a big playoff game,” he laughs. Probert was paired up with Kristina Lenko, who has a lot of experience with skating reality shows. For the past few years she’s been part of the British celebrity skating show Dancing on Ice’. On reality competition shows one pair- ing always has the unlucky distinction of being eliminated first and unfortunately for Battle of the Blades fans it was Probert and Lenko. They were in the bottom two vote getters the first week, along with Marie-France Dubreuil and Stéphane Richer. The pairs faced off the following night in a skate-off for the three judges who chose to save Dubreuil and Richer. Probert says the elimination was disappointing, especially since he and Kristina took some of the more difficult moves out of their routine. He says they both thought that they would be able to use them in the show’s second week. “It’s unfortunate because we thought we’d get through the first week and start putting more and more in as time went on,” he explains. “Looking back now I wish I would have known what I know now, because we the would of thrown in some really cool lifts in there and maybe a spin or some- thing.” But getting eliminated first didn’t mean they went home empty handed. They won a $25,000 dollar donation to Prob- ert’s Wounded Warriors charity… “I picked it because I had a chance to go to Afghanistan and meet the soldiers, see what there doing over there,” he explains (Check out this back issue of In-Play! Magazine to read what Probert wrote about the visit at the time). “I thought what a great opportunity to raise some money for those guys and help out whatever way I could.” The early exit didn’t diminish his experience for the show though. He’s still watching and Probert says he would do it again in a heartbeat, plus he would definitely recommend it to other retired hockey players looking for a challenge. “I would just tell them to go out there balls to the wall right off the bat, put it all right out there!” he laughs. COVER STORY 11 KRISTINA LENKO AND BOB PROBERT

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