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MINNESOTA | MISSOURI | NEBRASKA | OHIO | TENNESSEE | WISCONSIN JUNE/JULY 2015 VOLUME 30 ISSUE 04 Directories begin on page 30: THE DAKOTAS | ILLINOIS | INDIANA | IOWA | KANSAS | KENTUCKY | MICHIGAN WWW .REJOURNALS.COM Asset/Property Management Firms, Economic Development Companies FEATURE: FINANCE CLANG! CLANG! The trolley (and streetcar) is coming to Strong CRE market keeping commercial lenders busy By Dan Rafter, Editor H provide a boost to Midwest cities By Dan Rafter, Editor work. Stone and Richardson have each played key roles in guiding streetcar and trolley projects to the construction phase in the St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, areas, with Stone providing key legal advice to city officials in Kansas City and Richardson doing the same in St. Louis. It’s not easy to guide urban public-transportation projects from the planning to the construction phases. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FEATURE (continued on page 12) A usch Blackwell attorneys Doug Stone and David Richardson have learned a lot about streetcars and trolleys. They can tell you why a streetcar isn’t the same thing as a cable car and why a trolley isn’t the same thing as a trolley coach. Richardson and Stone aren’t trolley buffs. The attorneys learned their streetcar trivia through hard strong commercial real estate market means busy times for commercial lend-ers. Developers, investors and owners are all seeking financing today, whether they want to acquire a building, refinance exist-ing debt or nab a construction loan for a new multifamily tower or industrial building. Midwest Real Estate News spoke to four Midwest commercial lenders about the fi-nancing activity that is keeping them busy today. Here is some of what they had to say about what types of financing requests they’re receiving and what they’re looking for before deciding who qualifies for their financ-ing dollars Ned Huffman President Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital Cleveland Midwest Real Estate News: Is Bellwether Enterprise originating a higher number of commercial loans today? FINANCE FEATURE (continued on page 10)

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