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SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION ••• a Quirk’s resource guide 20 TOP Mystery Shopping Companies Mystery shopping is a vital part of the customer relationship management program for any business that places service and hospitality as key components of the value proposition. Mystery shopping can be one of the most cost-effective and fl exible customer relationship management tools available. It can be deployed quickly and inexpensively. Moreover, it is a program that can be modifi ed and tweaked on the fl y, giving the client access to very current market research information without expensive set-up costs. Mystery shopping allows business managers to quickly gather reliable and quality feedback from a customer’s perspective. It is an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to evaluate a team’s customer care performance levels, training budgets and the delivery of company mission statements to its core consumer sector. Five of the most common uses of mystery shopping are: review of customer brand perceptions; analysis of competitors; review of internal procedures and processes; evaluating staff performance; and evaluating point-of-purchase materials and the retail store. Here is a list of some of the top fi rms that provide mystery shopping and store audit services. Ann Michaels & Associates Ltd. Founded 1998 | 11 employees Kathy Doering, CEO quirks.com/articles/2016/20160111.aspx 50 Quirk’s Marketing Research Review // January 2016 Customer experience management firm specializing in mystery shopping, C-sat surveys, employee surveys, exit interviews and social media manage-ment. Today’s consumers have higher expecta-tions, a larger reach and louder voices. Keeping up with it all can be challeng-ing even for the most customer-centric company. That’s where we come in. Our customer experience measurement programs allow us to listen, engage and moni-tor the customer experience across all channels. Social media research, cus-tomer feedback and mystery shopping. Blending all the data together can give www.quirks.com

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