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® Best Value In Safety Since 1975! arena. “You also have demand from major OEMs, who spend millions of dollars annually into motorsport programs, who want data to go back to their production cars with,” said Dave Gibson from Mooresville, North Carolina-based MoTeC Systems USA. “These will always influence motorsport sensor technology. What we are really finding now is that there are more and more companies starting that are actually motorsport focused, or who were industrial focused before and are now diversifying into motorsport to increase their existing line of sensors.” Gibson pointed to RaceGrade, the company’s private label sensor line, which began offering motorsports-specific sensors and niche products for the racing community over 20 years ago. “There are few environments harsher than a race car, and there are few places that can be a better real-world test bed.” Pierre-Alain Aucouturier from Texys Sensors, Indianapolis, Indiana, pointed out that sensors are regularly used in aeronautic, automotive and marine industries, to name a few, with some specifically designed for motorsports applications. “In some cases, motorsports sensors can be used in industrial applications,” Aucouturier explained. “For instance, our IR optic fiber can be used to measure rotor temp on LMP cars (motorsports) while [also being] used to measure turbo temp (industrial). Another example is our thermocouple amplifier: Measure any type of temp on a race car through a TC probe (caliper temp, liquid temp, upright temp, EGT, etc.), while it’s also used to monitor engine temperatures on UAVs (industrial).” Gaining Acceptance Sensors are clearly gaining ground in racing, particularly at the mid and grass-roots levels of the sport. “Data acquisi-tion used to be a term left for only those who could afford, and understand, the complex data systems of the past,” said Parlett from Computech. “Nowadays, everyone from pro teams to the weekend track warrior are collecting and interpret-ing more data than ever before. With a drastic increase of technology over the last few years, coupled with more com-petition in the market, we are now seeing a trend of more grassroots racers focus-ing on the same data points as the pro teams. Everything from making sure EFI engines are running correctly to suspen-sion setup, or even GPS-based driver aids to help them nail down the perfect line. From drag racing, tractor pulling, road racing and everything in between, the pros and the average Joes are getting faster and faster every weekend with the aid of new affordable data acquisition technology coupled with more efficient and accurate sensors.” Aucouturier from Texys agreed that club-level series are indeed becoming more interested in data acquisition. “Club racers are mostly looking at improving lap time over specific car development,” he said. “To do so, and analyze driving performance, club racers (mid and grassroots levels) use data acquisition and sensors. You will, most of the time, find the following sensors on club cars (excluding engine sensors): wheel speed; GPS; rpm; potentiometer for throttle, steering and suspension; G sensor to measure accelerations; and • Better than average margins • Available through top warehouse distributors • Huge, centrally located inventory • Great quality / great value • Seeking qualified stocking dealers Snell SA-2015 Full Face Helmets ......$198.95 SFI 3.2A/1 Suits ............................... $99.95 SFI 3.2A/5 Suits ..............................$259.95 SFI 3.3/1 Suede Gloves ..................... $39.95 SFI 3.3/5 Racing Shoes ..................... $64.95 Latch & Link SFI 16.1 Belt Sets ......... $69.95 Camlock SFI 16.1 Harness Sets ........$139.95 Sensor technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, especially in terms of the devices’ reliability and accuracy. In fact, today there are sensors available for virtually any type of parameter a race team wishes to log or monitor. And, when combined with data loggers or standalone engine management systems, racers can now determine how exactly their car is behaving in competition, be it the engine, chassis, suspension, driveline or aerodynamics, reported one article source. Photo courtesy of AEM Performance Electronics. April 2016 All prices shown are Jobber WWW. RACEQUIP .COM 813-642-6644 79 |


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