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Experts in Full Service Research SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION ••• special advertising section Experts in Full Service Research When it comes to conducting a research project, there are many different things you need to consider. You may be asking yourself: What techniques and methodologies will work best to achieve my research goals? How can I get the most out of my insights? Arguably the most diffi cult task is trying to fi nd a research company that can help you with all aspects of your project. That’s where full-service research fi rms come in. Full-service market research fi rms can offer many different tools, techniques and resources to help you accomplish all of your research needs. From start to fi nish, full-service fi rms offer customized solutions for your project and help you carry out all aspects of your research to ensure you receive the most relevant and useful insights. Whether it’s qualitative or quantitative, in-person or online research, full-service fi rms offer many different techniques and methods to help you determine what works best for your research project. Many full-service fi rms also have the ability to conduct research on a wide variety of industries, from health care to food and beverage, entertainment to fi nancial services. So if you need a research fi rm that can do it all, check ou out t th t these e companies that offer full-service research. 3Q Global Founded 2006 | 25 employees Traci Wood, Director of Sales quirks.com/articles/2016/20160833.aspx 64 Quirk’s Marketing Research Review // October 2016 Backed by 50+ years of experience, staff and data collection expertise, powered by Quick Test/ Heakin and Discovery Research Group, 3Q GLOBAL is a trusted full-service research firm, offering www.quirks.com

Experts in Full ServiceResearch

3Q Global

Founded 2006 | 25 employees

Traci Wood, Director of Sales

Backed by 50+ years of experience, staff and data collection expertise, powered by Quick Test/Heakin and Discovery Research Group, 3Q GLOBAL is a trusted full-service research firm, offering creative and customized solutions for all of your market research needs. Our experience includes study design, project management, data collection, coding, programming, text analytics and executive summary reporting. Our data collection methodologies include field work; mall/hall interviewing; CATI/CAWI; IVR; online surveys; in-person and online focus groups; market research communities; and bulletin boards. Regardless of how big or how small your research projects are, 3Q GLOBAL is “The Connection to All of Your Market Research Needs.”

Phone 855-799-0003, ext. 6114


B2B International

Founded 1998 | 120 employees

Matthew Harrison, CEO

B2B International is the largest B2B-focused market research firm with offices across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our client portfolio includes 600 of the world’s largest 1,500 companies. We have conducted 3,000+ B2B research studies spanning a wide range of sectors from traditional heavy industry to financial and business services. From sole proprietors to corporates, from procurement to production we know how to reach the right audiences and extract the intelligence you need. As B2B specialists in branding, product development, segmentation, customer experience, pricing and more, we provide the most comprehensive range of B2B research services to give your brand a competitive edge.

Phone 914-761-1909


Beta Research Corporation

Founded 1970 | 25 employees

Amy Gorelkin, CEO

Beta Research is a family-owned, full-service provider of custom research that helps organizations make smarter strategic choices. Our experienced employees use a range of methodologies – quantitative and qualitative, traditional and cutting-edge – to obtain information our clients need when making key decisions. Beta Research is a certified woman-owned business with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We conduct consumer and business-to-business research, with special expertise in health care/pharmaceutical, media and consumer products. Beta Research continues to innovate in the marketplace, recently launching its new mobile geofencing and iBeacon technology and opening a state-of-the-art focus group and usability testing facility.

Phone 516-935-3800


Blueberry Marketing and Sensory Research

Founded 2001 | 30 employees

David Reckner, CEO

Blueberry builds a bridge between marketing and research. Combining expertise in marketing research, product testing and sensory science, we help guide innovation pipeline projects from the early concept phase through commercialization. We work with you to explore customer insights, understand your market, guide your strategy, develop superior products and services and create engaging customer experiences with your brands. Blueberry offers a complete portfolio of traditional, breakthrough and proprietary solutions serving a range of Fortune 500 clients from manufacturers of food and beverage, home care and personal care products to financial services institutions. Let’s talk about your innovation landscape.

Phone 267-954-0440


Chudnoff Associates

Founded 1989 | 10 employees

Mark Chudnoff, CEO

Chudnoff Associates Inc. has been providing custom marketing research solutions for almost 30 years. Servicing a wide variety of industries including food and food service, financial services, consumer goods, health service and business-to-business. Our award-winning partnership demonstrates a strategic point of difference in the areas of quality, service, innovation and value. Our signature FasTrack Sensory Optimization Program offers a platform to develop award-winning products. With our new portable tablet lab and our own reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, interviewing can be completed virtually anywhere. Our professional certified researchers will guide any client through their individually-designed project from beginning to end. 

Phone 732-863-1100


Clear Seas Research

Founded 2006 | 15 employees

Mitch Henderson, Co-CEO

Clear Seas Research is a full-service marketing research company focused on conducting business-to-business market research for niche markets including construction, food and beverage, manufacturing, packaging, HVAC and security. Unrivaled sample reach into these core markets is provided by myCLEARopinion panel. Subscription-based, syndicated industry offerings from CLEARMarketTrends Reports and CLEAReports provide clients with valuable insights into these niche markets. While core custom research solutions focus on understanding brand positioning, marketing effectiveness, customer satisfaction/experiences and new product development, customized research methodologies are developed for every project. Data collection methods include online surveys, focus groups, central location testing and mail surveys.

Phone 248-786-1683



Founded 1989 | 110 employees

Mary Cunningham, CEO

CSS/datatelligence offers extensive capabilities across most methodologies, unequaled savings and the benefit of working with one supplier for your business initiatives. With 20+ facilities in the United States and 400,000+ members in our online panel, we have remarkable access to the American consumer. Our U.S. capabilities, combined with long-standing international partnerships, gives us a worldwide reach, allowing us to conduct projects globally in a wide range of categories including fragrance, health and beauty aids, food and beverage and more.

Phone 866-209-2553


Customer Lifecycle LLC

Founded 2008 | 15 employees

Karin A Ferenz, CEO

In today’s challenging marketplace, we at Customer Lifecycle help organizations do more with less. We are a global research consultancy working with B2B/B2C companies to plan and conduct research to accurately identify and measure requirements for customer acquisition, satisfaction and loyalty, share of wallet growth and retention. With reach to about three million individuals in 160+ countries, we conduct strategic qualitative and quantitative research in multiple localized languages on a worldwide basis, specializing in advanced analytic techniques. We help companies avoid costly mistakes by focusing on thorough front-end planning, appropriate support for research execution and action implementation at the back end.

Phone 630-412-8989


Galloway Research Service

Founded 1967 | 50 employees

Elisa D. Galloway, CEO

For almost 50 years, Galloway Research Service has provided nationally-recognized quality data and insights across a multitude of research services. Our expert team can partner with you from beginning to end (design, data collection and analysis) to obtain the insights you need to make intelligent business decisions. We provide intelligent research design and consulting, all types of traditional and creative cutting-edge data collection techniques and on-point analysis across a spectrum of methodologies. Our experts can assist with all types of research applications including customer satisfaction and loyalty, brand awareness and positioning research, new product and service development, advertising concept and tracking research and more.

Phone 210-734-4346


Just the Facts Inc.

Founded 1994

Bruce Tincknell, CEO

Just The Facts is now in its 25th year of providing high-quality, strategic full-service solutions to clients around the globe. We’re experienced in a wide range of B2C and B2B categories delivering creative, strategic insights for results-driven research. JTF is a CASRO “elite” consultative strategic research firm providing clients with personal attention and turn-key solutions. Methodologies include focus groups, IDIs, surveys, mall studies, competitive and market intelligence, secondary search and mystery shopping. Using cutting-edge technology for online methods: focus groups, IDIs, white boards. Branding, customer insights, new products and strategic intelligence are specialties. Call today: 847-506-0033

Phone 847-506-0033


Market Probe International Inc.

Founded 1967 | 11 emplyees

Alan Appelbaum, CEO

Market Probe International Inc. is a global market research company providing business-to-business, health care and consumer research, both quantitative and qualitative, throughout the U.S. and worldwide. We provide a full range of research consulting, data gathering, programming, tabulating and analytical services. Methodologies include quantitative, qualitative, hybrid quant/qual research, online community development, virtual interviewing and more. We have extensive experience in diverse consumer and B2B categories. All of our services are available on an as-needed basis. Market Probe International is widely respected for offering a consistently high quality of market research support.

Phone 212-725-7676


Murphy Research Inc.

Founded 2008 | 32 employees

Chuck Murphy, CEO

We understand that groundbreaking research lies at the intersection of science and creativity. A truly groundbreaking study evolves from the creative implementation of traditional and cutting-edge methodologies complemented by rigorous scientific analysis and visionary interpretation. It is this consistent implementation of creatively inspired science that separates us from the competition. We work with a broad array of clients on issues that pertain to every stage of the business cycle. We specialize in mission-critical strategic projects that span multiple methodologies and require cross-functional expertise.

Phone 310-394-7100


Murray Hill National

Founded 2013 | 22 employees

Susan Owens, COO

Murray Hill National is your market research service provider. Our expertise is in field management, recruiting, moderator choice, screener design/development and sample solutions. Through various collaborations and partners, we can provide any service or request you have in relation to your marketing research needs! We have U.S. Class A facility options, as well as a 40-station call center with the ability to recruit all methodologies, moderator services worldwide and verified sample resources. We excel in our recruiting operations which include consumer, health care and B2B audiences. Call us today!

Phone 972-707-7645


Olson Research Group Inc.

Founded 1995 | 60+ employees

Charles Olson, CEO

Olson Research offers a full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative market research services with unique access to a robust proprietary database of 2.4 million U.S. health care professionals throughout the life sciences sector, including 960,000 active physicians. Precise targeting is available, including geo-location tracking and up to 75 unique profiling fields. We are best known for: Access – our unique and thorough reach to all facets of the U.S. health care decision maker population; Experience – our team of seasoned PMs having on average seven-plus years of industry experience; and Approach - our flexible and collaborative approach to project design, fielding and final deliverables.

Phone 267-487-5500


Rabin Research Company

Founded 1963 | 20 employees

Michelle Elster, President

International and domestic B2C and B2B marketing research services for packaged goods, financial, health care/pharmaceuticals, services, insurance, entertainment and new technology industries. Service principles: high-quality work, on-time delivery, creative study designs, strategic insights, competitive prices, exceeding expectations. Study types: concepts, segmentation, product use/sensory, names, packages, product design, advertising, customer satisfaction, awareness/attitude/usage, tracking, pricing, problem detection, promotions, positionings, promises. Data collection techniques: Internet/mobile, telephone, central-locations, mail and in-person. Qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Phone 312-527-5009


Radius Global Market Research

Founded 1960 | 120 employees

Chip Lister, CEO

Radius Global Market Research has one focus: deliver better business performance for your brand. Fortune 500s and other industry leaders rely on Radius for strategic business-building guidance to optimize brand offerings, identify clear innovations and develop compelling customer propositions. We excel at addressing complex issues in development, marketing and communications in a wide range of industries from packaged goods and technology to financial services and health care. The Radius team is committed to bringing cutting-edge, custom research solutions to every engagement to maximize brand growth. We provide organizations what is needed to succeed: Clear thinking for a complex world.

Phone 212-633-1100


RTi Research

Founded 1979 | 55 employees

David Rothstein, CEO

RTi helps turn insight into action. We are an innovative global full-service market research company and for 35 years, our clients have counted on us to connect the dots, tell the story and help them influence action. We are an AMA Gold Top 50 company and a Connecticut Top Workplace. Our clients – over a third of whom have partnered with RTi for 10+ years – work directly with our talented, experienced and dedicated senior team. No hand-offs! Clients come to RTi seeking higher level involvement, more insightful thinking and extraordinarily attentive service; they stay because we deliver. We support success.

Phone 203-324-2420


SIS International Research Inc.

Founded 1984 | 75 employees

Ruth Stanat, CEO

SIS International Research are experts in full-service research as we deliver across market research projects from recruiting to data collection in qualitative and quantitative research. We also have a market and competitive intelligence division in addition to our strategy group. Our panels focus on hard-to-find C-level executives and key opinion leaders in the health care, consumer, B2B, industrial and automotive industries. SIS also delivers new product concept testing in the food, cosmetic and automotive industries. Our headquarters are located in New York with regional offices in Los Angeles, London, Shanghai and Manila. In addition, SIS operates our own focus group facility in the Flatiron district of NYC.

Phone 212-505-6805


Sivo Insights

Founded 2010 | 7 employees

Marilyn Weiss, Founding Partner

Cindy Blackstock, Managing Partner

Connected by the common core belief that “in the middle” is where life happens, Marilyn and Cindy bonded instantly upon meeting in 2010. That middle area, the elusive emotional territory that these two insight experts seek to deeply understand, inspired the name SIVO, which means Gray. SIVO Insights is an innovative full-service qualitative research firm that thrives under their leadership, which is a perfect balance of Cindy’s drive and discipline and Marilyn’s passion and approachability. Their fearless pursuit of deeper learning is shared by their talented team that represents a variety of experiences and specialties. Our people make the difference!

Phone 612-567-6830


SMS Research Advisors

Founded 1989 | 12 employees

Jeri Meola, President/Founder

SMS Research Advisors is a full-service research and consulting firm based out of Minneapolis that specializes in helping Fortune 500 companies get great results using “voice of the customer” insights. Using these insights, companies are more purposeful in their decision-making, allowing them to grow and prosper by more fully operationalizing their customer experience, both for today and tomorrow. Our focus is to partner with market leaders like Toro, Eaton and Ecolab to foster innovation, create competitive value propositions and build customer advocacy that will ultimately improve business results. So what can we do for you?

Phone 952-939-4310


SSI (Survey Sampling International)

Founded 1977 | 4,000+ employees

Chris Fanning, President and Chief Executive Officer

SSI is the premier global provider of data solutions and technology for consumer and business-to-business survey research. SSI reaches participants in 90+ sample countries via Internet, telephone, mobile/wireless and mixed-access offerings. SSI staff operates from 40 offices and remote staff in 20 countries, offering sample, data collection, CATI, questionnaire design consultation, programming and hosting, online custom reporting and data processing. SSI’s 4,000+ employees serve more than 3,000 clients worldwide. 

Phone 203-567-7200


Turner Research Network

Founded 1997 | 4 employees

John Turner, CEO

Question: What makes an outstanding full-service research firm? Answer: Be an experienced, reliable resource to give the right advice for one’s particular consumer and B2B insights needs. Plus, have the resources to execute that research effectively and efficiently. Turner Research Network is just such a firm. We have the full-service research toolkit to help companies, agencies and associations in their strategy development, product and service evaluations and marketing communications insights needs, among others. We also provide support and best practices consulting for do-it-yourself (DIY) research. Bring us your questions and we’ll lead you to answers.

Phone 770-604-9980


Vision Strategy and Insights

Founded 2013 | 5 employees

Michele Cordoba and Brenda Lee, Founding Directors

As a research firm dedicated to the planning and implementation of successful multicultural research studies, VSI is strongly focused on the development of best-in-class, robust qualitative and quantitative methodologies to reach Hispanic, African American and Asian consumers 100 percent in-language and in-culture. We use only in-house moderators and analysts, assuring continuity in project management and strategy across the lifespan of a project. Our studies benefit from the experience and unique perspective of our culturally diverse and multilingual team, with RIVA-certified moderators assuring superior quality in every project we manage. Category expertise includes CPG, health care, retail, food/beverage, media, automotive, political and nonprofit.

Phone 818-261-8340


Vital Findings

Founded 2010 | 24 employees

Jason Kramer, CEO

Vital Findings is a market research consulting firm focused on custom research that delivers action. We are the leaders in visual design for research, both to improve quantitative data accuracy and to create insights deliverables that demand attention. We work with you to design custom qual and quant methodologies tailored to your company and industry using techniques like mobile ethnography, customer journey mapping, needs-based segmentation, qual communities and brand equity analysis. Our work stands out, literally: we use infographics, video reporting and insights workshops to tell the story behind the findings in a way that connects with key stakeholders.

Phone 310-279-5510


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