Quirks Marketing Research Review - November 2016

Experts in Data Collection

2016-11-01 13:23:18

3Q Global Founded 2006 | 25 employees Traci Wood, Director of Sales Backed by 50+ years of experience, staff and data collection expertise, powered by Quick Test/Heakin and Discovery Research Group, 3Q GLOBAL is a trusted full-service research firm, offering creative and customized solutions for all of your market research needs. Our data collection methodologies include fieldwork, mall/hall interviewing, CATI/CAWI, IVR, online surveys, in-person and online focus groups, market research communities and bulletin boards. In addition, our experience includes study design, project management, data collection, coding, programming, text analytics and executive summary reporting. Regardless of how big or how small your research projects are, 3Q GLOBAL is “The Connection to All of Your Market Research Needs.” Phone 855-799-0003 ext. 6114 www.3q-global.com 3 Market Dimensions Founded 2003 | 86 employees Alex Stil, CEO   Whether it is health care, patients, doctors or B2B study – online, telephone, phone-to-Web, face-to-face – research companies and direct clients trust one name: 3marketdimensions.com and our robust panels in U.S., Canada and Europe. 3marketdimensions recently expanded to 2 million health care and 1 million B2B panel members. We are known among peers as one of the most trusted patients panel, whether it is cancer, diabetic, heart or other chronic ailments. Additionally, we have successfully undertaken ethnic studies and hard-to-reach audience surveys for the past 10 years using CATI and P2W methodologies. With seven client-servicing offices, we have 34 languages translation, programming, fielding expertise in-house, making us one of the fastest growing companies in market research.  Phone 844-777-8100  www.3marketdimensions.com AIP Corporation Founded 1997 | 140 employees Hidefumi Watanabe, CEO Looking for a reliable partner in Asia? Rakuten AIP should be at the top of your list. Pioneers in the region for over 20 years, Rakuten AIP’s quality samples from locally-managed proprietary online panels across 12 countries (China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam) and through partner networks, together with their expert knowledge pertaining to each market’s localization would give you a smooth guiding hand. A friendly and dedicated team in your time zone makes the communication headache-less. After joining the Rakuten Group in 2014, Rakuten AIP has been further extending their capabilities and commitment to quality. Phone 646-829-0560 www.aip-global.com AOC Marketing Research Founded early 1980s | 25 employees Cathleen Christopher, CEO   Top three in the nation for recruiting, according to Impulse Survey of Top Rated Focus Facilities, 2015. AOC’s specialties are focus groups, IDIs, large quota taste tests, CLTs and other in-person research in their Charlotte, N.C., facility. AOC features private client suites and a fully-equipped test kitchen with an experienced staff. Each of their four suites include a private client lounge with an office and restroom, a client entrance/exit outside and separate HVAC controls for client and respondent areas. Only a 20-minute drive from the international airport, AOC is also minutes from several hotels and award-winning restaurants. Phone 704-341-0232 www.aocresearch.com C&C Market Research Founded 1992 | 700 employees Thomas Morrison, Project Director C&C Market Research is the complete answer to all of your data collection and field service needs. For over 25 years our data collection specialists in our field locations, coupled with our proprietary programming and data transmission capabilities, have ensured countless successful projects. We are the largest privately-owned and -operated data collection company in the U.S. and have remained a leader in today’s marketplace through hard work, ingenuity and a dedication to quality. We work on both qualitative and quantitative projects on a daily basis and understand that high-quality data collection goes a long way in determining the overall success for any project. Phone 479-785-5637 www.ccmarketresearch.com CatalystMR Founded 2009 | 10 employees Adam Berman, CEO CatalystMR is a high-touch, high-quality market research service leader providing full-service research and panel solutions. Our cost-effective panels are made up of consumers including teens and gamers, B2B including C-level and ITDM’s and health care professionals. Our researchers and technical teams have decades of market research experience specializing in cost-effective online and mobile survey programming and hosting. We are experts in conjoint, segmentation, Web site intercepts, copy and advertising testing, highlighters and heat maps, store shelf tests and other complex research techniques. CatalystMR specializes in language translation, CATI, real-time reporting, dashboards and data tabulation. Contact: info@catalystmr.com or 800-819-3130. Phone 800-819-3130 www.catalystmr.com Communications for Research Inc. Founded 1997 | 140 employees Colson Steber, Co-CEO   We act as an extension of your team by managing research logistics and utilizing our own team to execute data collection. Our strength is in taking ownership over our portion of the research. We do that by understanding the target outcomes and knowing what it will take to achieve them based on strong process and experience. We perform data collection on over 500 research projects annually. We know how to set up and engage the target audience online, on the phone, by mail or in any combination of the three that fit your study. Phone 573-775-4550     www.cfrinc.net Complete Research Connection Founded 2004 | 35 employees Chelle Precht, CEO Complete Research Connection was designed by a moderator, and clients can tell. What sets us apart? Read these client testimonials: Flexible space: “With four suites and a multipurpose room, I can execute any type of study here.” Unique viewing: “You have wrap-around viewing in not one, but two of your suites?” Enormous back rooms: Upon explaining our largest room can seat up to 45 clients; “Who brings 45 clients to a focus group?” Stellar staff: “I’ve never seen such attention to detail.” Visit www.crcmr.com to discover more about what makes CRC rated No. 1 in Columbus! Phone 614-220-4120 www.crcmr.com CRG Global Inc. Founded 1989 | 450 employees Mary Cunningham, CEO CRG Global Test America elite data collection resources are unlike any other North American data collection supplier. Our consumer testing studios are purpose-built for an array of product testing, featuring sensory booths, ventilated fragrance chambers with sinks and mirrors, fully-equipped test kitchens (consumer and commercial), laundry rooms, large testing areas with client viewing and more. Our expertise is in niche recruiting, qual/quant blended and immersive methods, fragrance, health and beauty aids, food, beverage and alcohol and pet care. CRG’s qual/quant technologies, Survey Passport mobile app and QualTopics SMS chat moderation software, enable in-the-moment, in-depth consumer interactions. Datatelligence Online is our online community of 400k households. Phone 866-209-2553 www.crgglobalinc.com Custom Intercept Solutions Founded 2004 | 9 employees Scott Ranssi, President Custom Intercept Solutions puts the person back into your consumer insights research! We are the leader in providing on-site insight from consumer’s point-of-experience. We maintain the largest network of vetted, experienced researchers across North America and beyond so you can capture in-the-moment insight anywhere. We are both qualitative and quantitative, capturing insight with our multilingual staff on multimedia tablets so you can capture robust consumer thoughts from everyone. We collect insight in the real world at retail, dining and sporting/event venues, capturing the freshest data without invasive mobile tracking or opt-in-biased panel communities. Contact us to breathe life into your data: info@customintercept.com. Phone 612-294-2032 www.customintercept.com Fieldwork Founded 2001 | 15 employees Michelle Borea, President   Fieldwork Network International understands the unique difficulties of conducting research in far-reaching countries. We are your connection to qualitative and quantitative project management across the globe – a single contact that means time-saving convenience, simplicity and seamless continuity. From the initial proposal to dates in field, Fieldwork is there through every step to ensure a high level of research and data collection. Our services include managing language and cultural barriers (local moderation, advice on local customs, translation services), handling currency conversion and exchange rates and managing vendor procedures and processes. Focus on the research. We’ll do the rest.  Phone 800-863-4353 www.fieldwork.com/global-field-management FOCUSCOPE Inc. Founded 1980 | 50 employees Kevin Rooney, CEO Chicago’s exceptionally great field service with three spectacular facilities (Chicago, Oak Brook, Oak Park), all Impulse “Top Rated.” Chicago facility newly remodeled. We feature the industry’s most complete database of virtually all population segments, worked by our experienced, well-supervised recruit staff. We emphasize rigorous quality control; attentive, proactive service at every level; superb cuisine options; and every available technological resource. Capabilities include online community platforms, panel development, field management, central location testing, online surveys, usability testing, ethnographies, shop-alongs, ethnic recruiting, online community recruiting, mock juries.  Phone 708-386-5086 www.focuscope.com Full Circle Research Company LLC Founded 2013 | 10 employees Adam Weinstein, Co-CEO; Nathan Lynch, Co-CEO Founded in 2013, Full Circle Research Co. is the first and only U.S.-based online consumer sample provider to earn ISO 26362 certification and the only company to offer HoNoR (Holistic Next-level Research), a proven approach to quality. This unprecedented, automated marriage of advanced technology, flexible community strategies and industry-leading quality controls gives business decision makers immediate access to the purest data in the industry. Full Circle prizes foresight, treasures agility and pulls from 100 years of in-house research experience to deliver a deeply consultative, worthwhile experience. To learn more, visit iLoveFullCircle.com. Phone 301-762-1972 iLoveFullCircle.com GLocal Mind Inc. Founded 2010 | 52 employees Vrinda Deval, Managing Partner Headquartered in the U.S. with offices in London and India, GLocal Mind provides global health care data collection services. GLocal Mind’s 1.5 million+ panelists are carefully recruited and verified, providing clients with a high-quality and diverse global panel. The panel includes specialist physicians, KOLs, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, ophthalmologists, opticians, pharmacists, payors, managers. In addition, they also provide global access to patients. GLocal Mind’s quantitative services include programming, hosting and translation, data collection and data processing across 57+ countries including U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East. Their qualitative services include recruitment, scheduling, moderation, interviewing, translation, report writing and content analysis. Phone 215-366-2787 www.glocalmind.com Gold Research Inc. Founded 2006 | 2500+ surveyors Nitin Sharma, CEO Gold Intercepts™: We guarantee Real-Time Certified Surveys from Credentialed Surveyors™. We specialize in customer satisfaction research, exit interviews, audits and mobile surveys anywhere in U.S. or Canada. Gold Journey Mapping™: Our customized journey maps display customers’ entire paths to purchase by segment (and channels) to help you make targeted improvements and impact buyers positively. Gold Research-Support™: We offer survey programming, data processing, report development and project management so you can focus on more critical tasks. Gold Full Service™: Satisfaction research, concept testing and marketing/ad testing. We specialize in collecting the right insights needed to help take your business to the next level. Phone 800-549-7170 www.goldresearchinc.com INGATHER Founded 2001 | 25 employees Cory Balthaser, COO INGATHER Research & Sensory® is the blue ocean concept in marketing research in-context. Regardless of your data collection needs; traditional, sensory data collection or in-context, we go far beyond in order to get you closer to your consumer. “We don’t just recruit, we Scout. There is a Difference™!” Using psychographic profiling, mixed-method recruiting with unique locating and contacting, INGATHER dives deep to find ideal, fresh and engaged opinionators™. Book your next data collection project at INGATHER and see what an impact we will make in your results! Phone 303-988-6808  www.ingatherresearch.com Innovate Founded 2014 | 50 employees Gregg Lavin, Co-Founder/Managing Director Innovate delivers Real People, Quality Data and Superior Client Service. Innovate is a global online sampling firm, generating high-quality data from engaged panelists. Founders Matt Dusig, Gregg Lavin and George Llorens pioneered the modern digital sampling industry, creating the world-class uSamp and goZing panels. Innovate provides 24/7 client service to thousands of market researchers and research departments around the world. Innovate pioneered Human-Powered SamplingTM, which promotes responsive communication for client satisfaction and created the First Class PanelTM, which is a heavily screened, profiled and engaged audience of survey respondents.  Phone 818-584-2090 www.innovatemr.com Issues and Answers Network Inc. Founded 1988 | 500+ employees Mohit Gour, Director International Field Services   Issues & Answers Network Inc. is an independent global marketing research firm providing everything from survey and sampling design, data collection (400 CATI stations in six U.S. call centers and 160 CATI stations in Europe), project management to data analysis. Our international network of reliable alliance partners extends our research capabilities across six continents. International research capabilities include qualitative, quantitative, Web, as well as translation and transcription services. Phone 757-456-1100 www.issans.com Key Research Solutions Founded 2011 | 375 employees Ed Ledek, CEO Key Research Solutions supports the marketing research, public affairs and political polling research communities. We have 300 stations across our centers are in Provo, Ephraim, Price and Cedar City, Utah. In addition, we have focus group rooms in Salt Lake City, Provo and Orem. We offer a full array of qualitative and quantitative support services. Both our experience and our location next to major universities and colleges, allow us to provide services in over 65 different languages. Areas of developed expertise include B2B research, consumer research, branding, advertising, public affairs and political polls. Phone 801-592-1943 www.key-research.com Logit Group Inc. Founded 1997 | 495 employees Sam Pisani, Managing Partner Logit Group is a quality-oriented and independent research execution company. Methodologically agnostic, we can deliver on your online, telephone and on-site research needs. Our online offerings are powered by our proprietary Q-FI Surveys platform and focused on matching methodology + technology to ensure best client solutions. Clients bring us projects of all types and sizes because we consistently work with them to achieve their research goals and enable them to focus on their part of the research process. We work quickly, efficiently and are focused on quality while also ensuring competitive pricing. We believe in getting the job done right, on time and on budget. Phone 866-84LOGIT www.logitgroup.com Olson Research Group Inc. Founded 1995 | 60+ employees Charles Olson, CEO Olson Research offers a full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative market research services with unique access to a robust proprietary database of 2.4 million U.S. health care professionals throughout the life sciences sector, including 960,000 active physicians. Precise targeting is available including geolocation tracking and up to 75 unique profiling fields. We are best known for: Access – our unique and thorough reach to all facets of the U.S. health care decision maker population; Experience – our team of seasoned PMs having on average seven+ years of industry experience; and Approach - our flexible and collaborative approach to project design, fielding and final deliverables. Phone 267-487-5500 www.olsonresearchgroup.com Opinion Access Corp. Founded 1995 | 600+ employees Lance Hoffman, VP, Business Development   With over two decades of fielding the most difficult ad hoc and tracking studies, Opinion Access Corp. leads the industry in delivering quality data collection solutions. Our telephone, online and mail capabilities are all driven by unsurpassed project management and a level of customer service that keeps our clients informed and well assured that projects finish on time and on budget. Coupled with our multicultural expertise spanning across all methodologies, we maximize representation for you and your client. Let our reliability and expertise drive your success. Phone 718-729-2622 opinionaccess.com Opinions Ltd. Founded 1998 | 750 employees Mark Kikel, President/Owner Opinions Ltd. provides consistent, accurate, timely and cost-effective data collection. This simple philosophy has served us and our clients well since 1998. You can rely on our consistent protocols, personal approach and the pride we take for every project. Thirty owned-and-operated facilities/studios nationwide U.S. All are flexible and adaptive to incorporate the latest innovation and technologies. Mall intercepts, focus groups, in-store intercepts, ethnographies, large CLTs, pre-recruits, sensory research, national recruiting and online surveys. Experienced and professional staff in operations, project management and coordination, client services, analysis/statistics/reporting, programming and tabulation. Data collection, fieldwork and complete market research services offering you “remarkable research.” Contact us today: bids@opinionsltd.com Phone 440-893-0300 www.opinionsltd.com Reconnaissance Market Research (ReconMR) Founded 2012 | 700 employees Tod C. Higginbotham, President/COO Reconnaissance Market Research (ReconMR) is a data collection research firm headquartered in the Austin-San Marcos, Texas, metropolitan area. ReconMR has market research experience dating back to the 1960s. Data collection services are conducted via 300 U.S.-based TCPA compliant CATI stations utilizing Voxco and ACS Query interviewing software programs. ReconMR is experienced in public policy and public opinion research, academic studies, political polling, consumer and B2B market research. Consultation services include questionnaire development, sample design, survey programming, data collection methods, data analysis and reporting. Through its affiliated brands ReconMR is MBE, HUB and DBE certified. Phone 512-757-8112 www.reconmr.com Schlesinger Associates Founded 1966 – Celebrating 50 years | 600 employees Steve Schlesinger, CEO We deliver outstanding data collection services for any qualitative, quantitative or hybrid study across consumer, health care and B2B markets. A half century of data collection experience is complemented by Schlesinger’s continually expanding range of leading-edge online and in-person research methods to allow researchers to enhance the quality of their research. With offices strategically located across key markets in the U.S. and Europe, we help you take the pulse of markets worldwide. Our long-standing values of partnership, quality and service excellence underpin our relationships and our uncompromising commitment to your success sets us apart. Phone 732-906-1122 www.schlesingerassociates.com SSI (Survey Sampling International) Founded 1977 | 4,000+ employees Chris Fanning, President and CEO   SSI is the premier global provider of data solutions and technology for consumer and business-to-business survey research. SSI reaches participants in 90+ sample countries via Internet, telephone, mobile/wireless and mixed-access offerings. SSI staff operates from 40 offices and remote staff in 20 countries, offering sample, data collection, CATI, questionnaire design consultation, programming and hosting, online custom reporting and data processing. SSI’s 4,000+ employees serve more than 3,000 clients worldwide.  Phone 203-567-7200 www.surveysampling.com  Secret Shopper Founded 1990 | 50 employees Paul F. Ryan, CEO   At the core of Secret Shopper® is our expertise in evaluating your customers’ experience online, on-site and on the phone. Try our digital audit to see how your users’ experience measures up while evaluating your SEO and SEM strategies to drive the right traffic to your site. Check out our on-site evaluations to gain vital customer experience details for your own business. Measure and analyze your competitors for a complete picture of the market. On-site merchandising services also available. Our phone audit program trains your employees to be warm, enthusiastic and courteous. Come visit our Web site www.secretshopper.com to learn more. Phone 763-525-1460 www.secretshopper.com SmartRevenue Founded 2000 | 31 employees John Dranow, CEO SmartRevenue is your eyes and ears at the point-of-purchase, experience and consumption, at home, in public, in-store and in digital anywhere in the world. SmartRevenue has conducted over 1,000,000 observations and interviews in 107 categories across 190 retail banners in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Leveraging the best trained and educated in-house field force of over 1,200 global ethnographers, SmartRevenue identifies and quantifies critical point-of-purchase, experience and consumption KPI data white space metrics unavailable through other market research approaches. Our diverse, educated and multilingual field force provides rapid, accurate revenue-producing data collection metrics. Using the latest technologies, SmartRevenue integrates quantitative and qualitative questionnaires and protocols. Phone 763-561-0716 www.smartrevenue.com

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