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A publication from the City of Wheat Ridge Issue 61 Winter/Spring 2017 Inside this issue... 2 4 6 Mayor's Corner City Manager's Column Projects Funded by 2E Get New Identity as “Investing 4 The Future” Last month the City unveiled the new brandmark and tagline, which was approved by Wheat Ridge City Council, for the four projects supported with the passage of the .5% increased sales tax in November 2016. The new tagline, “Investing 4 The Future,” captures the intent of voters to invest in the future of Wheat Ridge. The tagline, accompanied by a new brandmark, helps easily identify the four projects being funded by 2E: Anderson Park Renovation, Clear Creek Crossing, Wadsworth Boulevard Improvements and the Wheat Ridge • Ward Station. The development of the tagline and brandmark follows communication best practices used for such projects as Golden’s Linking Lookout, Better Bond Denver, and Commerce City’s 5 Projects 5 Years. The new brandmark was designed with the tagline “Investing 4 The Future” appearing above four icons; one for each project. The fi rst to appear is an icon with trees illustrating the Anderson Park improvements and renovation, then an icon of a town center graphic representing the Clear Creek Property project, then an icon containing a bicycle and car illustrating the multi-modal usage planned for Wadsworth Boulevard, and fi nally an icon with a commuter rail car illustrating the Wheat Ridge • Ward Station. The colors used in the new brandmark are orange, green and blue, the standard colors of the City logo. By using the new brandmark, residents and businesses will be able to easily identify the four projects funded by 2E and access up-to-date information as each project progresses. As plans are rolled out, updates on all four projects will be shared in articles appearing in the quarterly Connections newsletter, the Mayor’s Matters enewsletter, the Economic Development enewsletter, and on the new Investing 4 The Future landing page on the City website. The City will also produce a brand new enewsletter distributed periodically throughout the year which will contain up-to-date project details. Subscribe to the enewsletter on the City website at Click on Investing 4 The Future in the Our Community section. To properly allocate the funds as needed, the City Manager and City Treasurer presented a recommendation for the issuance of bonds to City Council in late February. Voters approved $33 million in bonds which the City hopes to issue this spring. Once funding is received through the issuance of bonds, Treasurer Jerry DiTullio will invest the funds as appropriate to further the City’s fi nancial advantages. Most of the 2E projects are complex and although plans are underway, in some cases signs of construction won’t be evident for months. Here are details about each project and progress to date: Progress: • A Request for Qualifi cations (RFQs) was published according to City Purchasing Policy and submitted RFQs were evaluated by the City • Firms were interviewed in February • Design contract will be awarded in March • Public input meetings scheduled for April/May to gather public input for the master plan • Construction planned to begin in early 2018 Economic Development Update CLEAR CREEK CROSSING Approximate allocation $10 million This is the large mixed-use project between 32nd Ave. and Highway 58 west of I-70. This project includes retail stores, multi-family residences, restaurants, entertainment facilities, hotels, a large anchor store, and a 35-acre offi ce complex. A trail system will provide connections to the Clear Creek Trail. Plans include: • Constructing westbound I-70 hook ramps • Removing the off-ramp at 32nd Avenue • Constructing a connecting street to 32nd Avenue Progress: • Evergreen purchased the Cabela’s property in late December • City is working with Evergreen Development company, CDOT and Denver Water to coordinate water line replacement with construction of hook ramps 6 Community Calendar 10 Police Updates 11 Localworks PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID Denver, CO Permit No. 1673 WADSWORTH BOULEVARD IMPROVEMENTS Approximate allocation $7 million Plans include: • Reconstructing the street to six lanes • Creating better bicycle, pedestrian, and transit facilities • Managing driveway access to the street • Enhancing amenity zones along the corridor, particularly between 38th and 44th Avenues Progress: • Environmental assessment is underway • Updating the estimated project costs has begun • Anticipated construction start date in early 2019 ANDERSON PARK Approximate allocation $4 million Plans include: • Renovating the Outdoor pool locker room that includes family changing rooms and individual showers • Replacing the Anderson Building’s leaking roof and reconfi guring the space to allow additional programming for fi tness and wellness classes • Replacing the baseball fi eld with a multi-purpose sports fi eld (wide variety of uses, including festivals) and reconstructing the existing soccer fi eld to provide a higher quality game fi eld • Upgrading the park pavilion and small shelter • Improving and resurfacing the parking lot and replacing the waterline WHEAT RIDGE • WARD STATION Approximate allocation $12 million Plans include: • Reconstructing adjacent streets --Ridge Road, 52nd Avenue, Tabor Street • Installing a traffi c signal at the Ward Road and Ridge Road intersection • Building a pedestrian bridge over the rail tracks • Improving pedestrian access and other public amenities Progress: • Visioning plan for the Station commissioned in 2016 is nearing completion • City internal staff are fi nalizing the vision and establishing criteria to prioritize the funds allotted for infrastructure 7500 W. 29th Avenue Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

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