Lodging Magazine May 2017 : Page 14

Does your hotel operating partner have 20/20 vision? Pyramid people and systems can make all the diff erence Hotel and resort investing is serious business. Lower your risk with a partner who gets it right by: · Retaining the best and brightest team of analysts · Maintaining the most extensive database · Performing the most in-depth research · Creating the most accurate capital budgets · Possessing the most extensive market knowledge · Engaging our team at every level · Developing the most effective business plan Contact us today to see why Pyramid partners close! John Hamilton (617) 412-2850, Chris Pfohl (617) 412-2845, Spiro Cantonis (617) 412-2805, Keith Oltchick (480) 658-1652, Casey Spilman (508) 246-6475 or Eric Fisher (617) 412-2830 (617) 412-2800 www.pyramidhotelgroup.com

Pyramid Hotels

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