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You don’t have to be a class-A crafter or spend lots of money to create gift wraps that are sure to dazzle and delight. Think green this holiday season. Spark up that creative urge and look around to see what household materials you have on hand to reuse. Newspapers, shopping bags, old clothing, fabric scraps, old cards and crafting scraps can help to create wrapping masterworks. voilà WRAP IT UP While dogs would be happy to have their gift treats piled on the floor in front of them, their human companions will appreciate a more thoughtful presentation. This year, try the traditional Japanese art of wrapping gifts in fabric squares— furoshiki—as an attractive and functional way to reduce paper waste. Not only is this an eco-sensitive option, the fabric can be put to other uses, doubling the gift. For furoshiki wrapping directions, as well as other DIY projects, go to Personalize It Pixelate a photo of your friend with her dog. Enlarge the photo on a photocopier in multiple steps, all at maximum size —make sure to use 11x17 or even larger paper. Black and white copies work fine. Use highlighters or Sharpies to enhance parts of the image or add text. Flower Power Nylon netting comes in wonderous colors and is inexpensive. Use it to make florets, and cut into strips it makes a good ribbon substitute. Remember all those tissue roses you made when you were young? Try your hand at them again, making a “wreathe” of smaller ones to encircle a gift box. Alt Papers A fav is old maps, easy to find at thrift stores. The Sunday comic page is great for wrapping doggy gifts, easy to tear right through it. Or make a collage on a large sheet of newspaper print paper (from art supply stores), paste on old cards, cut out and paste on photo prints or draw cartoon “balloons” to insert a holiday message. Other supplies to enhance wrap projects: paper or cloth doilies, old greeting & gift cards, postcards, buttons, used demin, yarn, gingham, dried flowers, twigs, leaves etc. Remember the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 6 Bark Gift Guide 2010 Photo Credit


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