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ALTERNATIvE ENERGy Greenforce Initiative: Advancing Greener Careers BY GLORIA MWASE AND JULIAN KENIRy s the national unemployment rate hovers around 9.6 per-cent, the nation, government, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors are making unprecedented invest-ments in building a clean energy work-force for the emerging green economy. These workforce and technical invest-ments will transform how Americans produce and use energy in response to the urgent need to address global warming, increase energy security, and stimulate economic recovery and growth. These investments will bolster a workforce that can help our nation become a world leader in energy and the environment. A 2009 study found that the number of careers in America’s clean energy economy grew nearly two and a half times faster than overall jobs between 1998 and 2007, growing at a national rate of 9.1 percent, while traditional jobs increased by only 3.7 percent between 1998 and 2007. Research also shows that clean energy investments at the level of about $150 billion per year can generate around 1.7 million net new jobs throughout the economy, including nearly half that are accessible to workers with relatively low formal educational credentials. 1 With support from the Bank of Ameri-ca Charitable Foundation and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the National A PHOTO COURTESy OF CAMBIODEFRACTAL, FLICKR.COM 22 Techniques JANUAR Y 2011

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