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ALTERNATIvE ENERGy Technician Beneath Our The PHOTO COURTESy OF GATEWAy TECHNICAL COLLEGE Wings wind, turbine siting, technology, design and construction of large and small wind turbines. From there, they can focus their education and training, through Gateway Technical College, on the skills that best meet their career goals. “The intention of this program is to give students some understanding and knowledge about the wind industry and then explain to them some of the specific career paths available to them,” says Gateway Technical College Wind Energy instructor Bob Braun. Braun says because of the emerg-ing nature of the wind industry, career paths are less clear than more traditional ? s e d a l or is that B found a way to address it. As an example, Gateway’s torque and geoexchange drilling training was found to be a skill in demand. After Gateway finalizes development of the program, it will be shared across the nation through national curriculum development and training of other instructors. Gateway’s Wind Energy courses are another example of green career develop-ment. These courses follow Wisconsin Technical College System-approved curriculum and core competencies, giving students a foundation for future train-ing and career development. Students receive training in wind theory, energy of BY LEE COLONy AND JOHN FOSTER T 30 oday’s trained technicians in alternative energy fields are finding even more career opportunities open to them as the United States and the world turn to green technology to power their homes and businesses. Wisconsin’s Gateway Technical College is preparing students for those new and emerging “green collar” careers. Gateway has taken a leadership position in training for geo-exchange heating and cooling systems, the wind power industry, sustainable energy systems and fresh water resources. In each case, Gateway has found an area of the career with training needs—and Techniques JANUAR Y 2011

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