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2010 A Quick Look Back, A Long Look Forward Annual Report to Members EACH YEAR, the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) spends a few pages in Techniques sharing with you, the members, what the Association has accomplished over the past year. Doing this each year serves two purposes. The first is to illustrate how your professional Association is using your membership dues to further its mission. The second is to give us all an opportunity to reflect on the strides we have made not just as an Association, but as an entire community of career and technical educators. Gary Moore Over the next few pages, I think you will agree that ACTE is doing some amazing things for us as members. It is also working diligently to keep career and technical education engaged in the national dialogue on issues such as high school reform and economic recovery. As they as say in financial sectors, however, past performance is no indication of future performance. This means that we can’t keep touting what we have done. We must move forward, share our message, engage key stakeholders, and increase member value. While we know this is no easy task, we are already taking action. The recent election has ACTE spending considerable time on Capitol Hill informing new legislators about the value of career and technical education. Changes in people’s ability to travel have ACTE developing Webinars and online professional development opportunities. Member need has ACTE establishing long-term business and industry partnerships aimed at providing important information and valuable resources. As the Association moves forward, it needs the support of you, the career and technical educator. Without its members, ACTE does not exist. But with more members, ACTE could flourish. As we move into a new decade, ACTE will be focusing on membership, with new recruitment activities, new programs and new partnerships. However, we know that the most effective way to increase membership is for current members to engage and invite nonmembers to participate. That one-to-one contact makes all the difference. I trust that looking back over the past year, combined with some insight into where ACTE is headed, you will feel excited and inspired by your professional association and proud enough to share that with your colleagues. I am proud to serve you, and I look forward to reading next year’s annual report to see how much further we have come! Gary Moore ACTE President, 2010-2011 32 Techniques JANUAR Y 2011

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