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INSIDE AC t E career readiness. The paper can be ac-cessed on the ACTE Web site at www. . Mark Your Calendars Now! The 2011 Annual Convention and Career Tech Expo is heading to the conveniently located St. Louis, November 17-19. St. Louis is known as the Gateway to the West. Let it become your gateway to qual-ity professional development, an extensive exhibit hall and excellent networking. Stay abreast of the latest updates by visit-ing . New Professional Development options for ACTE Members ACTE is bringing you a new member benefit, and a new professional develop -ment opportunity, with a collection of Webinars for the 2010-2011 school year. Webinars are free for members, and at-tendees will receive a certificate that can be submitted for academic credit. This series, starting this month, will focus on issues such as STEM education and teaching alternative energy and assessing the alternative technology job market. Also on tap in the series are topics such as revamping CTE’s image, postsecond-ary innovations and using technology in the classroom. Learn more at www. . Plan for CTE Month Celebrations Start planning for career and technical education (CTE) Month now by organiz-ing a career fair or a school visit with your local legislators. ACTE has ideas to help you plan and publicize activities at www. . We also have products to enhance your CTE Month promotions, and student-produced video public service announcements that you can share to reinforce the message of CTE Month. CTE: Learning Today, Earning Tomorrow! is the theme. ACTE Releases New Paper Promoting online Education Last fall, ACTE released a new policy paper titled, “Expanding Career Readi-ness Through Online Learning.” The paper outlines the benefits of online learning in the context of career ONLINE LEAR NING readiness and emphasizes its E importance in helping students gain technical and employ-ability skills through CTE. Examples of best practices and recom-mendations to policymakers and educa-tion leaders are included. This is the first paper in a new series ACTE is launch-ing to take a closer look at the various strategies that can contribute to students’ CAREER REA D I N E S S SER IES Member-Get-A-Member Campaign A strong word-of-mouth campaign is the surest way to promote growth of ACTE. Seventy-eight percent of people trust their peer recommendations. And as an active member, you are the best advocate for membership. You know firsthand the value your membership provides in advancing your career as well as strength-ening the CTE profession. Any member in good standing is eligible to participate. For more information and resources, please visit getamember.aspx . NOVEMB ER 2010 EXPAND ING CAR EER READINE SS THRO UGH nsuring studen ts are “colleg e-and care become a cr er-ready” h itical issue as as concern success of s rise abou the U.S. ed t the ucation sys the countr tem and, u y’s economic ltimately, discussion competitiv surroundin eness. The g college re to academic adiness is g skills, but ac enerally limi tual career more rigor ted readiness r ous blend o equires an f academic, skills, and even technical a the ability n d employabi to apply th environmen lity ese skills in ts. authentic Association for Career 1410 King and Technical Street, Alexandria, Education Fax: 703-683-7424 VA 22314 • Phone: 800-826-9972 • Sponsored by The Princeton Review—Penn Foster Educa te. Advoc ate. Lead. 1 As both se condary an d postseco provide studen ndary insti ts with this tutions stri ve to comprehen systems an sive skill set, d engagem ent strateg new deliver serve studen ies must be y ts and ensur utilized to e they have better necessary f the access or true car and suppo eer readines rt s. In many pl aces, the fo undations readiness a for strengt re already hening car in place thr e er education ough career (CTE), whic and technic h offers a uniq technical a al ue blend o nd employa f ac b ademic, i lity skills thr programs o ough comp f study. Ho rehensive wever, thes are not ava e compreh ilable to al ensive prog l students o rams is one strat r in all places. egy that is Online lea increasing rning ly being em ployed to en sure CTE: Today’s Students = Tomorrow’s Prepared Workforce Career and technical education programs play critical roles in developing a qualified workforce and are an essential part of our education system. Do your Members of Congress realize that CTE is helping stu-dents learn the knowledge and skills need-ed to compete for the high-wage, high-demand jobs of today and tomorrow? Do they know that CTE retrains adults to 56 Techniques JANUAR Y 2011

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