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C LASSROOM C ONNEC t ION Get Your Students, Press Involved in CTE Month search and data about CTE if you have it. You can also distribute copies of ACTE’s Public Service Announcement to your local television stations and community-based organizations. How to Plan and Publicize Events With any major awareness week or month, it’s important to plan as far in advance as possible, especially if you want the press to attend. Once you have secured dates and speakers for the event, send a “save the date” invitation to the press. For example, if you are planning to have an open house for your CTE program on February 16, then send a “save the date” invitation to the press four weeks ahead of time. The media will place the event on their plan-ning calendars as a possible story to cover. Although it won’t guarantee coverage, it will put the event on their radar, which is very important. When I worked with a student organi-zation at the University of South Caro-lina (USC) in 2002, they wanted to raise awareness about the organization amongst the students, professors and the communi-ty. The group secured dates and speakers for their awareness week by the middle of February. In the past, the group started publicizing events two weeks ahead of time. But I started to reach out to the local media six weeks before the event. I divided the tasks among the organi-zation’s members; they then reached out to student and university organizations requesting the opportunity to co-sponsor an event or distribute information to their members. Students also asked professors to offer extra credit for students who at-tended an event. A week before the awareness week, I provided a copy of the press release and a PHOTO By ACTE Culinary students from Falls Church High School, located in Falls Church, Virginia, talked about their CTE program and how it provides them with the knowledge and skills to be successful in their future careers. By Sabrina Kidwai AS YOU pREpARE FOR CAREER AND tECHNICAL EDUCAtION (CtE) MONtH in February, it’s important for you to reach out to the press about your activities and help raise awareness about CTE’s impact in your community. News-papers, television stations, magazines and bloggers are always looking for story ideas from their readers. The press rely on the public to provide them with tips, ideas and information on what’s happening in education. But before approaching the media, it’s important to do your home-work! Determine the types of stories they write about regarding education, stu-dents, and awareness events and months. Once you have figured out the types of stories they cover, send appropriate information to the media. Student profiles are a great way to illustrate the value of CTE. Contact your local morning televi-sion programs in the area to highlight your CTE program or event during CTE Month. Encourage students to contact the stations and talk about how CTE impacts the community; be sure to include re-8 Techniques JANUAR Y 2011

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