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ADuLT EDuCATION AND RETRAINING Jobs for Renewi BY LAuRENCE SHATkIN A s America emerges from recession, certain industries are expected to grow par -ticularly fast and will present many job opportunities for both young people and career changers. This article looks at these high-opportunity industries and the kinds of jobs they are expected to open up. In the global economy of the 21st century, many low-skill jobs can be done either by computers or by workers in low-wage countries. The American indus-tries that remain competitive will be those that focus on what we do better than most other countries: creativity and innovation. But these don’t happen by accident. They rest on three pillars: a highly educated workforce, a healthy workforce, and an Techniques Februar y 2011 outstanding infrastructure. All three of these pillars have been threatened over the last few decades, but the government has targeted them all for renewal, and each is associated with industries that will provide many jobs in the coming decade. education Education employed about 13.5 million workers in 2008, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the workforce will grow by 12 percent from 2008 to 2018. Some job opportunities for teachers, teacher aides, and educational adminis -trators will result from a growing popula -tion of students at the elementary and middle school levels. The trend toward inclusion of disabled and ESL students will increase the demand for special edu -cation teachers. Postsecondary and adult educators will also be in high demand, partly because the new economy requires workers with higher skills, and partly because adults will be taking more classes for self-enrichment. In addition to these areas of growth, many existing positions will need to be filled as they are vacated by retiring baby boomers, especially librarians, educa -tional administrators, and postsecondary teachers. The main force holding back expansion of education right now is budget constraints. Education received extra funding as part of the stimulus package, but it remains to be seen wheth -er the federal government will break its 24

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