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tHESE FREE tOOLS ARE NOt AS WELL kNOWN AS SOME OtHER INtERNEt SERVICES that have sprung up in the past several years, but could still prove extremely useful for career and technical education (CTE) educators looking for online resources to improve efficiency and liven up activities in the classroom. 1 2 Web site The 411: Web-Chops is a site that lets you clip content from the Web and organize it into your own custom topic page. With this free tool, teachers can create pages for their classes on a particular subject— pages that avoid irrelevant material as well as advertising or inappropriate content. Text, video clips, audio, flash applications and forms can all be clipped and imported into Web-Chops. The service is easy to use: download the toolbar for Internet Explorer or Firefox, copy a portion of the page, save it and position it on your topic page. In addition, users can make topic pages public, friends only or private. 1 Web-chops to share timelines on social networks, embed timelines, e-mail timelines and subscribe via RSS to timelines. CTE students can use Timetoast to make timelines about the development of particular types of technology or the evolution of medical processes. Best of all, the site is free and easy to use. 3 60 Techniques March 2011 Web site The 411: With Timetoast, teachers and students can create interactive timelines. Users can add individual events as well as timespans that are complete with links and images. Other features allow users 2 Timetoast Web site The 411: Cacoo is an online drawing tool for creating diagrams such as wire frames, site maps and network charts for computer science classes and other courses. Diagrams are created through the use of stencils that users drag and drop into place. Users can also upload their own images to add to charts. Multiple students can edit the same diagram in real time and use a chat feature to help collaboration. When edits are complete, the diagram is automatically updated anywhere it is linked. The free version allows up to 15 users per diagram. 3 cacoo

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