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What’s new in this year’s contest? Computer Programming Difficulty of the programs will be some-what increased. — Ken Morganstern, retired instructor, Missouri Competitors supplying their own meters, scopes, soldering tools and calculators. — Wayne Hawley, U.S. Postal Service A penalty will be applied for a miss-ing eligibility letter. — Diane Swenson, Kronos Inc. One single written test. White leather athletic shoes are acceptable. — Glenn D. Haagar, Honey-well Inc. Addressing both the high school and postsecond-ary student’s administrative and clinical skills. — Diana Kendrick, Griffin (Ga.) Tech. College Medical abbreviations will be added to the con-test test. — Sherree Hughes, Ouachita Technical College, Hot Springs, Ark. We will again have a single two-hour station and seven half-hour stations. — Michael O’Neil, Motor-cycle Mechanics Institute The contestants should be ready to see different products. — Dave Worden, OPE Magazine In what areas do contestants struggle? Automotive Service Technology Chapter Display Using the special tools required for the 13 dif-ferent contest areas. — Scott Norman, Pittsburg (Kan.) State University Improving the relationship of the display to the theme and clearly stating the theme on the dis-play. — John Scott, retired instructor, Georgia The area that students can improve greatly is their preparation for the exam. — Mark Johnson, Pittsburg (Kan.) State University Deciphering what items are evidence within or on the vehicle. — Michelle J. Nordyke, Kansas City, Mo. , Police Department Students need to better understand the financial statements and what incorporation means. — Dorothy King, Career Academy, Baltimore, Md. The one area that seems to give our students major problems is production planning. — Jesus J. Rodriguez, Pittsburg (Kan.) State University Conduit bending, installing equipment and the National Electrical Code. — Robert Baird, Inde-pendent Electrical Contractors Inc. Answers should specifically relate to the inter-view question, not a general response. — Mitchell Slemp, Mid-America (Okla.) Tech. Center A competitor and advisor should study, prepare and follow the contest rules! — Sam Williams, Lamar Institute of Technology, Beaumont, Texas I would like to see higher grades on the written portion of our competition. — Bryan Light, Brick Industry Association Any medical-related profession is fair game for the competition. — Scott Brown, Wayne County Schools Career Center, Smithville, Ohio Students struggle with fill in the blank, develop-ing the correct medical term from word parts. — Sherree Hughes, Ouachita Technical College Read and follow the instructions in the new SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards . — Bill Mann, retired instructor, Florida Cast iron, soldering, measurements for the water supply and DWV piping. — Mary Beth Hall, PHCC Educational Foundation Review everything from sketching to views, rules and reasons. — Stephanie Kvamme, The CAD Store Electronics Technology Employment Application Process First Aid/ CPR Chapter Business Procedure Crime Scene Investigation Entrepreneurship Medical Assisting Medical Terminology Graphic Communications Motorcycle Service Technology Power Equipment Technology Industrial Motor Control Job Interview Prepared Speech No practical changes, but a reminder that note cards may not be used. — Craig Haugsness, High-land Park (Kan.) High School Students will pull their materials order from a makeshift wholesale house we will create in the contest area. — Greg Rachal, Bayou Electric Inc. Additional hardware will be added. We are look-ing at adding a “Start” and “Stop” button to the workcell. — David Crowell, intelitek Inc. Additional emphasis on meeting the needs of clients. — Bill Cullifer, World Organization of Webmasters Job Skill Demonstration A and Open Masonry Residential Wiring Robotics and Automation Technology Web Design Photos: Lloyd Wolf Medical Math Medical Terminology Outstanding Chapter For competitions not seen here and for full responses, read our online guide at: www. Plumbing Technical Drafting 14 SkillsUSA Champions Winter 2010

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