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Former member takes on TV’s ‘Amazing Race’ Miss S.C. Teen USA i n our Summer 2008 issue, SkillsUSA Champions magazine interviewed Miss S.C. Teen USA (and former SkillsUSA member) Caite Upton, letting the world know she was more than just a YouTube sensation. Now Upton is racing around the world on a prime-time network TV series, “The Amazing Race.” At 20, Upton is the show’s youngest person to appear in its standard format, where 11 teams of two race to a “pit stop.” Each week, a team is eliminated until a $1 million prize is awarded. Upton’s teammate is her boyfriend, model Brent Horne. As this issue went to press, they were among the five teams still in the race, traveling to Chile, Argentina, France, Germany, the Seychelles and Malaysia. horne and Upton’s official team photo; (right) performing a “detour” challenge in chile. Referring to the 2007 Miss Teen USA broadcast that first put her on the map, Upton was determined to prove “there’s more to me than a silly question.” She was probably underestimated at first, Upton told People magazine, but hoped to show the other competitors she couldn’t be discounted. Although food poisoning sent Upton and Horne to a Chilean hospital early in the race, the dehydrated pair overcame the delay and avoided elimination. Upton’s other appearances include a music video by Weezer and a TV com-mercial for Wonderful pistachios. “The Amazing Race” airs Sundays on CBS. • PROFESSIONAL PILOT PROGRAM AVIATION MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY AVIONICS TECHNOLOGY QUALITY CONTROL & NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING YOUR FUTURE IN FLIGHT » » » » » » » Over 247,000 square feet of training facilities Financial Aid to those who qualify 80 Years in Aviation and over 90,000 graduates Hands-on training on industry current equipment Accredited member: ACCSCT Licensed by: OBPVS FAA approved aviation maintenance and flight programs CALL SPARTAN TODAY! 1-800-331-1204 8820 East Pine Street Tulsa, OK 74115 Licensed by: OBPVS Accredited member: ACCSCT 22 SkillsUSA Champions Summer 2010 Photos: Monty Brinton, CBS

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