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CoMMoN CoRE STATE STANDARDS “ PHoTo By ISToCk.CoM By LyNNE CLARkE I’m going to put this assignment on the refrigerator when I get home!” Not exactly a comment you would expect from a high school student, is it? The comment is even more surprising considering that the assignment that the student is referring to is a health science technology assignment that was specifically designed to incorporate core subject standards— the standards that some of our career and technical education (CTE) students are trying to escape. Even if your students don’t have an aversion to core subjects, they may not see the relationship between the core subjects and, say, their career path. The career path project outlined in this article can be adapted to work in any CTE class to highlight the relationship between core subjects and the real world. Sneak Incorporating Standards Most, if not all CTE classes have a requirement that calls for students to explore specific careers within the area; it usually mentions education require -ments, job setting, salary trends, etc. This project will guide students through that exploration and allow you to incorporate both math and English Language Arts (ELA) into your lesson plan. The ELA standards can include areas such as oral presentation, Internet research, and the use of PowerPoint or Prezi. ELA can also include basic ELA standards such as grammar and spelling. Math standards can include addition, subtraction, multi-plication, division, averaging and ratios. I usually allow the students to work on this activity for a week. When they are done they must each present the findings to the class using PowerPoint or Prezi. I require professional dress for the presentation. Here’s how the activity works: 1. Each student must choose a specific health care occupation, i.e. , nurse or respiratory therapist. He or she must also each decide which college Core SubjeCtS 44 Techniques OCTOBER 2011 in Some

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