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Fea ture By Michelle Conrad, Larae Watkins and Nathan Wittmaier A Jump-start for Alternatively Certified CTE Teachers, Counselors “THE NEW TEACHER year can be a daunting time for new teachers and school counselors, especially those coming to teaching or school counseling from industry or other fields. So what can be done to support these teachers and school counselors, and how can we help them start making connections within their new professions? Missouri offered new career educators and school counselors two key events this past July—the state’s New Teacher and New Counselor Institute programs and the Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education’s (MoACTE) annual summer conference—as one combined experience to help get that first year off to a good start. INSTITuTE IS MISSouRI’S INTRoDuCToRy PRogRAM FoR NEW CAREER EDuCATIoN TEACHERS WHo ARE MOVING DIRECTLy FROM THE WORkpLACE INTO THE CLASSROOM UNDER A TEMpORARy ALTERNATIVE CAREER EDUCATOR CERTIFICATION.” The New Teacher Institute is designed to prepare alternatively certificated teachers for the first days of school. Below, teacher leaders take part in a day of preparation before their first day with their content-area cohort groups. T HE FIRST DAyS, WEEkS AND MONTHS of the school New Teacher Institute The New Teacher Institute (NTI) is Mis -souri’s introductory program for new ca -reer education teachers who are moving directly from the workplace into the class -room under a temporary alternative ca -reer educator certification. NTI provides new educators with a jump-start into classroom teaching by wrapping instruc -tion on teaching around the MoACTE Summer Conference and incorporating NTI instruction into MoACTE confer -ence sessions. The seven-day instructional event serves new career educators across all content areas, and is open to second-ary, postsecondary and adult educators, as well as apprenticeship instructors. “Delivering New Teacher Institute at the same time and in the same location as the annual MoACTE summer confer -ence makes sense,” said Dennis Harden, coordinator of career education for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). “Wrap -ping NTI around MoACTE provides a powerful learning experience that equips new teachers to meet the demands of classroom instruction, and connects them to a network of supportive colleagues.” The institute is coordinated by the Missouri Center for Career Education (MCCE) at the University of Central Missouri (UCM) in Warrensburg, and sponsored by the DESE Office of College and Career Readiness in cooperation with MoACTE. Participants are enrolled in the UCM NTI/Foundations of Education course to earn three credit hours toward their Career Education Temporary Authorization Certificate, or Career License to Teach Secondary or Adult Students. Since the 1960s NTI has served as a “boot camp” for new career educators on an alternative certification path. Over the decades, the goals of the institute have remained constant while the techniques used have grown and evolved. The three main goals for participants in the institute are: 1. Network with colleagues in the career education profession. 2. Understand the role of the career education teacher. 3. Gain the basic skills to survive the first week of school. Michael Wright, dean of the College of Education at UCM and a former director of NTI, said a synergy between these two key events has been in the mind of NTI planners for a long time. “Tying these PHoTo CouRTESy oF THE MISSouRI CENTER FoR CAREER EDuCATIoN 50 Techniques OCTOBER 2011

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