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FUNDING AND CTE ConstruCting a takes Dollars than Just Self-funded Program MorE CEnTs PHOTO By ISTOCK.COM and BY SCOTT BURKE W 32 Techniques hether you are an educa-tor in Maine, California, or anywhere in between, it is more than likely safe to say that funding, or lack thereof, is a real dilemma in quality educational pro-gramming. The cost of teacher resources, engaging projects that inspire students, Februar y 2012 and spiraling technological upgrades exemplify competing needs in a constant battle for limited financial assets. Further -more, in recent years, a lack of Full-Time Teacher Equivalency (FTE) money has led to larger class sizes, fewer class offer -ings, and in some instances, complete cuts to non-essential programs and electives. The battle for money is nothing new; however, how we choose to leverage this limited resource allows for an incredible opportunity for innovation, collaboration and the awakening of a new era of entre -preneurial spirit. In the October 2011 issue of Techniques , I contributed an article titled “Alignment

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