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N EW U NIVERSITY UNIVERSIT Y OF C ALI F ORNIA , IR VINE Volume 48, Issue 31 /thenewuniversity @ NewUniversity @ NewUniversity Tuesday, May 31, 2016 I nsIde thIs I ssue COURTESY OF THE NEW UNIVERSITY IRVINE, CA A look back at various ASUCI events and initiatives that took place throughout the course of the 2015-2016 academic year. N ews courses are being cut as the school of humanities faces millions in deficit pg . 3 ASUCI Reflects on Year of Struggles and Successes By Nicole Wong Staff Writer O piNiON opinion editor brittany pham discusses her experiences growing up as a vietnamese -american pg . 6 F eatures meet the editorial board for the 2016-2017 academic year! pg . 7 Burglary Suspects Behind ZotAlerts in Custody By Iman Siddiqi Staff Writer After last year’s American flag incident, this year’s ASUCI members sought to repair their relationship with students and the Irvine community. According to ASUCI president Parshan Khosravi, the most difficult challenge going into the year was working to “navigate an organization that was hated by everybody and change that into an organization that people would see as representative.” On top of this, ASUCI went into the school year with a $60,000 deficit and insufficient funding. “Our student government is the lowest paid student government in the entire UC,” said Khosravi. “The amount we’ve received is the same as the 90s and it hasn’t gone up, but inflation has gone up. What we can do becomes much more limited.” Because of this, Khosravi was unable to accomplish everything he set out to do. Khosravi’s plans at the start of the school year included promoting political education by creating an online resource site to keep students up-to-date with political issues. He also proposed bringing back ASUCI scholarships, which would be open to all students, but the budget deficit forced him to prioritize other initiatives. Khosravi’s top priority as President was improving mental health services on campus. On May 21-22, ASUCI held its second annual Reclaim Mental Health Conference. The event, founded last year by Khosravi and Mental Health Commissioner Caroline Nguyen, strove to raise awareness and erase the stigmatization of mental illnesses. Fixing UCI’s parking situation was also at the top of the list. ASUCI worked with the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) to conduct research on UCI parking conditions. They also successfully repaired relations with the parking department with plans to hold monthly meetings on the matter. SEE ASUCI , PAGE 4 a rts are holograms set to replace pop stars in the entertainment industry? pg . 12 s pOrts co -big west athlete of the year lloyd sicard qualifies for ncaa preliminary pg . 13 Three campuswide zotAlerts were issued last Monday after a robbery and burglary occurred on campus and one robbery occurred near the Culver/ University intersection in Irvine. Of the two suspects involved in last Monday’s crimes, the first was arrested last Tuesday morning, while the second remains at large. The first robbery incident on campus and the robbery at the Culver/University intersection both were allegedly carried out by a 25-year-old Irvine resident Joshua Benbrook, who was arrested by the UCI Police Department last Tuesday morning. In the first incident, at approximately 6:14 p.m., a UCI student was walking across the Watson Bridge, when the student was approached by Benbrook. Benbrook informed the student that he had a firearm, but did not display the weapon to the student. He then allegedly instructed the student to walk to the Student Center ATMs and had the student withdraw cash for him before fleeing the scene. The student subsequently called the police. According to the second zotAlert issued, within 15 minutes of the first incident, Benbrook approached a motorist at the Culver/University intersection. The motorist, whose car had broken down, was waiting for a tow truck to arrive. Benbrook apparently pulled up behind the vehicle, and after a few minutes of conversation, asked the victim to follow him to his car. Benbrook then pulled out a firearm from his glovebox, took the victim’s wallet and cellphone and fled the scene in a red sedan. During their investigations following these incidents, UCIPD and the Irvine Police SEE BURGLARY , PAGE 3 Featured Photo COURTESY OF PAUL KENNEDY IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO Jacob Ben-Shmuel and Cailin Fu dance in "Evita," this year's undergraduate musical.

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