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LEARNING TO JUGGLE IT ALL One of UCI’s most unique clubs, the Juggle Buddies, takes a break from university life to enjoy their spectacular hobby. UCI WORKERS PROTEST FOR WAGES Workers across the UC system, including dozens from UCI, protested last Tuesday for higher wages and better labor practices. news PG 3 N EW U NIVERSITY UNIVERSIT Y OF C ALI F ORNIA , IR VINE Volume 50, Issue 13 /thenewuniversity features PG 9 @ NewUniversity @ NewUniversity Tuesday, Januar y 17, 2017 Governor Brown Raises Funding, Cuts Scholarships in New State Budget Plan Gov. Brown gave the UC millions of dollars in state funding, but proposed a cut to the Middle Class Scholarship in order to save money for the state’s “Rainy Day Fund.” By Nicole Wong Staff Writer Governor Jerry Brown released his proposal for the 2017-2018 California State Budget last Tuesday, Jan. 10. The plan focuses on balancing the budget and includes combating poverty, improving transportation infrastructure and increasing education funding, as well as plans to cut the Middle Class Scholarship program that many UC undergraduates benefit from. In his proposal, Governor Brown stated that this year’s budget is “the most difficult that we have faced since 2012.” If action is not taken soon, California faces a $2 billion budget deficit. NEWS Best Couple Ever? Offerman and Mullally Cover Sex, Marriage and Hollywood “In all likelihood,” wrote Governor Brown, “the coming years will bring even worse financial news — either from the start of the next inevitable recession or from changes at the federal level. This uncertainty about the future makes acting responsibly now even more important.” The $2 billion deficit is caused by an expected revenue forecast that is $5.8 billion lower than expected, along with a shortfall in Medi-Cal. In previous years, periods of balanced budgets have been followed by massive deficits. After four years of balanced budgets, California is historically overdue for a deficit, which is why Governor Brown stresses the importance of taking immediate action with this year’s plan. First and foremost, $3.2 billion in budget solutions will be spent to combat the deficit. This includes adjusting Proposition 98, which was passed in 1988 and sets aside a minimum percentage of the budget to be spent on K-12 education. With this adjustment, K-12 funding still increases by $2.1 billion, University of California: 24.5% Student Aid Commission: 7.7% Other: 9.0% Board of Governors of Community Colleges: 36.4% California State University: 22.4% Graph Courtesy of the State of California BROWN'S BUDGET The University of California makes up 24.5% of the State of California's Higher Education Budget. Of the $15.1 billion in total expenditures, $3,686,095,000 goes to the UC system. bringing total funding to $73.5 billion. Per-pupil expenditures for this year are $10,910, an increase of $331 from last year. The state also aims to provide school programs and funding special education funding directly to school districts. As usual, the primary focus for SEE BUDGET , PAGE 4 By Caitlin Antonios Staff Writer Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally stormed onto the Irvine Barclay Theatre stage Saturday night for their sold out show “Summer of 69: No Apostrophe.” Offerman, who starred in NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” alongside Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt and his wife, Megan Mullally, two-time Emmy winner for her role in “Will & Grace,” showcased their musical and comedic talents in an unforgettable show. With a combination of raunchy tunes, sweet moments and hilarious comedy, the show was a 75 minute ode to their “Hollywood” relationship. The show was filmed for future TV broadcast so large cameras were placed all around the auditorium to catch the audience’s laughter. Before the show began, the stage manager asked the audience to participate in different levels of cheering, presumably so laugh tracks and applause can be dubbed in later for the television special (even though it was unnecessary considering most of the audience was crying from laughter for a majority of the show). Feature: OC’s sushi standout COURTESY OF ZIAN YANG CHERRY SALMON "Tender and tart taste that melted in your mouth, paired with the perfect portion of lemon vinegar." (Page 7) A&E Turning Down Trump Inaguration Performances By Claire Harvey Staff Writer OPINION Photo Courtesy of the Irvine Barclay Theatre SEE SUMMER 69 , PAGE 1 1 TIL DEATH DO US PART Nick Offerman and Megan Mullaly performed their live show "Summer of 69: No Apostrophe" on Saturday to an audience that filled the entire auditorium. The Pr esident ia l Inauguration, with its political and historical significance for the United States, has always been a star-studded celebration of a new presidential era. President Obama was able to book iconic names, including legendary R&B singer Aretha Franklin, James Taylor, and the modern queen of pop culture, Beyoncé. While it appeared to be a great honor to usher in the first African American president, one who promised SEE TRUMP , PAGE 5 hope and change for America, what about the first celebrity businessman who promises to make us great again? Those who have followed the election are familiar with the onslaught of politically incorrect rhetoric from Donald Trump. Some people loved this quality about him, while others, including myself, found his comments and attitudes towards minorities, women, the LGBT community, and disabled people alarming

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