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STUDENTS PROTEST “STAIN OF DENIAL” Members of UCI’s Armenian Student Associa-tion held a silent protest mourning the Armenian Genocide, which is still unrecognized in many countries including America. ALL IN THE FAMILY Netflix’s new horror-comedy series “Santa Clarita Diet” fleshes out zombie stereotypes by showing the familiar monster as a mother in suburbia. N EW U NIVERSITY UNIVERSIT Y OF C ALI F ORNIA , IR VINE Volume 50, Issue 17 /thenewuniversity news PG 4 entertainment PG 8 @ NewUniversity @ NewUniversity Tuesday, Februar y 21, 2017 Students Advocate at City Hall for More Affordable Housing UC Irvine students attended the Irvine City Council meeting to speak out against housing and food insecurity. By Eliza Partika Staff Writer About 20 UCI students gathered last Tuesday, Feb. 14 at Irvine City Hall to speak during an Irvine City Council meeting about student housing insecurity. The students, organized by ASUCI’s Legislative Affairs Commission, UCI Associated Graduate Students Legislative Affairs and College Democrats at UCI, spoke to local officials about the issue, which they said disproportionately affects students in Orange County. Housing insecurity has been an increasing burden on UCI’s student population over the last four years, due to rising tuition prices and the growing Irvine housing market. Irvine Company, which owns several apartment complexes near campus as well as throughout the affluent city of Irvine, raises rent prices for students alongside prices for renters throughout the city. At the meeting, students asked city officials to prioritize the development of lower cost housing communities as well as increase development of affordable housing units for students. Speakers also asked NEWS the city of Irvine to allocate more funds to the Irvine Community Land Trust, a committee in charge of building student housing, to ensure that more affordable housing units can be built. There were 20 requests to speak from both the public and students on the issue. Housing insecurity has become such a problem that students are sometimes “living in their cars or sleeping on their friends’ couches” because they are unable to find an affordable apartment, said Cassius Rutherford, the Secretary of the Democrats of Greater Irvine and organizer of the event. Rutherford urged the Council to consider the plight of UCI students. Other stories from students were strikingly similar; many noted their difficulties getting financial aid, having to work two jobs to support themselves, or having to spend less on food and other necessities to pay the rent. Taylor Chanes, a student attending the advocacy event and the Undergraduate External Vice President at UCI told the Council, “Most who are struggling can’t afford to miss class, they can’t afford to miss work — they can’t afford to be here. [Irvine is] one of the richest places to live, one of the safest places to live, and yet I don’t have the safety of knowing where I’ll sleep tomorrow night.” A graduate student from WANYUE AN | Staff Photographer SEE HOUSING , PAGE 5 HOUSING Students organized by ASUCI and College Democrats went to Irvine City Council to talk about the difficulties that students often face finding affordable housing and food in the city. In Praise of the Sol-Angel but wasn’t even granted an acceptance speech. I know, I know — all of these awards shows have set schedules for what can be broadcast, and they hardly reflect the talent and innovation of contemporary music. But I couldn’t help but feel annoyed that the Sol-Angel herself, decked out in a stunning gold Gucci gown, one of the most eloquent and inspiring artists, was not allowed the public platform that her sister Beyoncé has been dancing on for two decades. "Fifty Shades" Lovers Work Out Kinks in Subpar Romance By Savannah Peykani Staff Writer Following last weekend’s Grammy Awards, the biggest point of discussion was Beyoncé’s snub for best album of the year, which went to Adele for her album “25.” Even though “Lemonade” was undoubtedly one of the best pop albums and sonic art pieces of our generation, I think there was an even greater snub that has so far gone relatively unnoticed: Solange Knowles won her first ever Grammy, Best R&B Performance, for her single “Cranes in the Sky,” Courtesy of Universal Pictures THE TIES THAT BIND Dakota Johnson reprises her role as Anastasia Steele in "Fifty Shades Darker." OPINION By Lilly Ball Staff Writer SEE SOLANGE , PAGE 6 Sex sells. So why can’t Hollywood get it right? “Fifty Shades Darker,” the latest installment of the “Fifty Shades” film trilogy, has been marketed as dripping in sensuality, steam and gratuitous female nudity. Yet, it makes an A&E attempt to tackle themes far beyond its abilities, like trauma, female independence and surprisingly enough, consent. With new director James Foley in command, it’s clear that the franchise has taken a new direction. “Fifty Shades Darker” is more dreamy than its predecessor, skillfully utilizing bokeh effects and long shots, yet it still feels like incoherent softcore porn, mixed with telenovela level drama. It makes a valiant attempt at quality cinematography, but when much of this is focused on artfully presenting Dakota Johnson’s nipples, it doesn’t make much of a difference. SEE SHADES , PAGE 8

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