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S porting S hot — Issue No. 21 — Float-Trip ADVENTURE: Deep-Canyon Chukar High-Intensity Gundogs Mystery Gun from the Tulchan Collection Channeling Churchill’s ‘Instinctive Shooting’ VIDEO:

From the Editor

Ed Carroll

If you’re like us, you probably have had your share of winter weather by now, and we don’t need to recount the whole unpleasantness here. But for bird hunters it started early with October snowstorms sweeping across the Dakotas, and ever since winter has disrupted almost every attempt for us to leave Maine for bird hunting or business. Travel was made worse for me, with poor conditions setting back chukar numbers along the Snake River in eastern Oregon, canceling one trip, and heavy rains flooding Mexico’s Lake Guerrero and the quail hunting lodge I was supposed to visit in January, canceling another. It’s not like having real problems, but it was a frustrating season . . . .<br /> There is, of course, still plenty of great wingshooting available across the quail plantations of the South and in the dry and temperate areas of the Northwest. As I write this, Associate Publisher Terry Bombeke is readying to head to Georgia’s Pine Hill Plantation to host one of our Readers & Writers Adventures. Pine Hill’s quail hunting and accommodations are part of a package that earned the plantation the title Orvis Wingshooting Lodge of the Year and Two Tridents from the Beretta Trident Program. It’s too late for you to join us on this shoot, but remember these winter blahs and consider joining us this coming fall. You can see the full schedule of Adventures on our website.<br /> And it’s a different kind of adventure altogether, but I have a great enthusiasm for river trips like the one Rob Lyon describes in this issue (“Hunting in God’s Backyard”). If there’s bird hunting, big-game hunting or fishing along the way, all the better. There’s some ancient and primal connection to traveling down a river, and while these days we can carry along plenty of modern comfort and conveniences, we’re still at the whim of water and topography. A lengthy paddling trip on the Penobscot and Allagash Rivers here in Maine in my early teens provided an inspirational experience outdoors, and in Alaska in my 30s I fished for salmon and grayling on the Talachulitna and shot ptarmigan and caribou and caught rainbow trout on the Nuyakuk. If you’ve had similar adventures that have helped mark high points in your life outdoors, I hope Rob’s story will strike a chord with you as you while away the winter hours, making plans for seasons to come.<br />

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