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NEWS No v ember 29, 2016 Campus Police Log LOCATION DESCRIPTION DATE & TIME 11-17-16 at 13:13 The Ne w Univ er sity 2 LOCATION DESCRIPTION Stalking DATE & TIME 11-18-16 at various times Unknown date/ unknown time 11-20-16 at 18:24 E. Peltason/Gabrielino Removing Recyclable Material Dr., Irvine Culver Dr./Campus Dr., Irvine 296 Arroyo Dr., Irvine Possess Unlawful Paraphernelia Palo Verde Student Housing 11-17-16 at 21:34 UCI Student Housing Sexual Assault DUI Alcohol 11-18-16 at 02:56 Langson Library Petty Theft Beckman Laser Institute Obtain Controlled Substance by Fraud 11-18-16 at 12:10 Camino del Sol Disciplinary Referral: Liquor Law Violation Student Housing 11-22-16 at 10:58 If you have an emergency or crime to report, please call 911 or the UCIPD at: (949) 824-5222 or (949) 824-5223 COMPILED BY MEGAN COLE STAFF WRITER Have a question, want to share an idea or discuss a concern? DROP BY FOR WEEK 10 Friday with 12/2 3:30 -5 p.m. VICE CHANCELLOR No appointment required. PARHAM ADVERTISING & BILLING INQUIRIES: 949.824.4284 | ADMANAGER@NEWU.UCI.EDU 405 Aldrich Hall C114 STUDENT CENTER, IRVINE, CA 92697-4250 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE NEWSROOM: 949.824.4285 | EIC@NEWUNIVERSITY.ORG EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Serving the UCI Community since 1968 The New University is a weekly newspaper, published every Tuesday during the academic year, by and for UCI students. Reproduction of this newspaper in any form, be it in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without prior permission. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the New University , the University of California nor UC Irvine. N ew U Niversity MANAGING EDITOR MEGAN COLE JUAN GONZALEZ NEWS EDITOR ASSOCIATE FEATURES EDITOR JESSICA RESENDEZ CRYSTAL WONG FEATURES EDITOR EVAN SIEGEL ASHLEY DUONG COPY EDITORS ADVERTISING & PRODUCTION MANAGER NATASHA MONNEREAU ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITOR ROY LYLE NICOLE WONG ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR ASSOCIATE ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR YINI CHEN NICOLE BLOCK INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY/WEBMASTER ASSOCIATE OPINION EDITOR CAITLIN ANTONIOS MICHELLE BUI OPINION EDITOR JARED ALOKOZAI SPORTS EDITOR LAYOUT EDITOR CESAR ORTIZ ASSOCIATE SPORTS EDITOR MARVIN LUU TAYLOR LEIGH LAYOUT STAFF LILLY BALL JOHN NARDOLILLO

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