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From the Editors... It’s up to us. It’s up to you. EMS 2.0 is nothing new. It’s nothing fancy, or packaged for single use, or even designed to be user friendly. EMS 2.0 wasn’t designed. It was born. EMS has needed updating since the first ever ambulance transport ended with “What else could we have done?” Well? What else can we do? I have said many times that the reason this wave of desire to change EMS is going to succeed is in part because of social media. Not because of Twitter and Facebook, but because this new media has allowed community to be ideological, not geographical. We can find solutions not just around town, but around the world. This concept is important if Ems 2.0 is going to succeed. We need to be looking for solutions for problems we don’t have yet. When Erma Fishbiscuit calls you in a few days because she forgot how many pills to take and let her sugar get too low, it’s too late. Start thinking ahead of your current shift. My EMS 2.0 (Because they’re all different) aims to prevent calls to 911, therefore decreasing the need Contributor Random Ward chimes in on his EMS 2.0 VIDEO EXCLUSIVE for so many reclined cot dual person ambulances dragging folks to the hospital simply because some policy states we might be missing something. Acting in the field is not enough, either. I need you back in school, even if it means just taking a class a semester. I need you to challenge your co-workers to be better than you and I want you to be the best. If you are a Basic, be the best Basic. If you are a medic, be the best medic. No one is going to wander into town on a parade float and hand you the policies and protocols you need to make your system what you want it to be. No, you have to go out, build the float and drag it in with your own two hands. It’s not going to be easy, but your patients deserve better.

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