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I n marketing, the greatest and most rewarding challenge is finding the best way to get your brand and your message to stick. The world of marketing is constantly changing . At the Donna Bender Company, we’re doing exactly what we recommend to our clients – rapidly evolving and adapting to bring you the latest , most effective ideas and resources to keep you ahead of the curve. Reach Recall Reaction Great marketing starts with three classic principles -reach, recall, and reaction. Reach: Get your message in front of your target audience. It’s a numbers game -the more times a message is delivered to the masses, the greater the chance your consumers will see it. Recall: Build an emotional connection between you and your customers or clients. You’ll be top of mind and first choice when they’re ready to do business. Reaction: Craft your message to provoke the reaction in consumers that you want. When they take action, your message turns immediately into profits.

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