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S ome people are born entrepreneurs, who fearlessly challenge established business models with new ideas and pioneering strategies using personal charisma, confidence, passion and foresight. Others work best in classic corporate culture, secure in the knowledge that proven systems work best, customers will always prefer brands they know and trust, and that change is only necessary as an appropriate response to risk. Petey Parker is the rare business leader who can do both. Her career has included top positions and/or consulting contracts in a wide range of industries including residential real estate, healthcare systems, aviation, government, retail, consumer products and more. Her clients include some of the biggest names in their fields: Walmart, McGraw-Hill, KPMG, Century21 National, Southwest Airlines, St. Joseph Hospital System, KPost Roofing and the National Association of REALTORS,® to name only a few. Petey Parker Enterprises is the culmination of Petey’s knowledge and experience and her desire to help executives and their teams work to their highest and best use. Petey Parker and Associates turns no-way attitudes into know-how solutions. This is Petey’s leadership training flagship, where she keynotes and consults with organizations and top executives and staff to help them become better professionals and better citizens. Consult P3 turns potential into profits. It is a multi-disciplined consultancy designed to help businesses improve their personnel and system performances at all levels. Crisis Management -Facing the Vortex is a crisis prevention and management solution specifically designed for small to mid-sized companies. The Vortex program teaches how crisis management can go hand in hand with leadership training. T urning knowledge and experience into business applications that truly help others. The Nonprofit Roadmap helps nonprofits find a path to efficiency and effectiveness. Petey consults with nonprofit organization leadership to help them define their goals, seat their Board of Directors, develop executive officers, volunteers and staff, and implement their fund-raising goals successfully. Petey designed these enterprises to work well separately or together. It’s the right solution at the right time for the right reasons. Which Petey Parker Enterprise is right for your company? 2 | Petey Parker Enterprises

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