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Thankful for top-notch care “Th ank you for the outstanding care our son received at the University Hospital BICU, Women’s and Chil-dren’s Hospital and Rusk Rehabilita-tion Center after Luke was admitted emergently for a ruptured AVM on the night of Aug. 2, 2012. “We are truly blessed to live just 45 minutes from the University of Mis-souri Health Care System so that Luke was diagnosed quickly and subsequent-ly received top-notch care right away. Dr. Tomoko Tanaka, pediatric neuro-logical surgery, Dr. Ashish Nanda, neu-rology, and Dr. Jane Emerson, pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation, are all outstanding! Th eir expertise and knowledge of Luke’s medical condition made a huge diff erence in the outcome and quality of life for Luke following this medical emergency. “Our family was also well taken care of during Luke’s stay as we were allowed to stay with Luke the entirety of his hospital stay at all hospital loca-tions. Amanda and Robin, nurses in the BICU, went above and beyond to care for Luke and make sure we were OK, too. “Luke was discharged from Rusk Rehabilitation Center to home on Oct. 12, 2012. We are so grateful to the entire medical team who cared for our son during this very diffi cult time.” Family of Luke K., Auxvasse I breastfed my daughter. When my daughter came to my room, the nurses were very wonderful and helpful in every way. One nurse, Carrie, was very helpful in my breastfeeding. All the staff should be complimented on how caring and helpful they are.” Tabitha A., Columbia hope that this program will be able to continue in the future.” Dixie Wyatt School nurse with Christian Fellowship School Thanks from a student “My semester with the Pediatric Injury Prevention and Safety Outreach at Women’s and Children’s Hospi-tal was extremely educational and enjoyable. I learned the challenges a nonprofi t organization faces, which will directly benefi t me in my future as I hope to work for a nonprofi t organi-zation. I am now equipped to handle challenges in funding and recruiting volunteers because of the instruction and mentorship I received. “Th rough my time with this or-ganization, I learned much more goes on in the hospital than just treating sick patients. I was introduced to the prevention side and the importance of not ignoring trying to stop a problem before it happens. I also learned I was capable of more than I thought when I helped to successfully plan, build and plant a youth community garden. “When this project was fi nished, I could not help but feel a sense of accomplishment. I know what I did in my time benefi ted children in the com-munity and am 100 percent positive that this organization reaches out and benefi ts children’s lives in all it does. I am happy I was able to be part of this organization and that this organiza-tion continues to serve the children of Boone and surrounding counties. THANK YOU.” Kara Amann “We are so grateful to the entire medical team who cared for our son during this very di cult time.” FAMILY OF LUKE K., AUXVASSE Keeping kids in school “On behalf of the Columbia Public Schools administrators, staff , students and parents, I would like to thank you for your generous contribu-tion towards the 2012-2013 seasonal fl u immunization program for school children. Th is fall, over 4,600 CPS students received the seasonal fl u vac-cine during school hours, and many more were vaccinated at the Columbia/ Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services. “Keeping children healthy and at school is key to becoming good learn-ers. It is with your contribution we are striving to keep students healthy. THANK YOU.” Lori Osborn, RN, BSN, MSN Coordinator of Columbia Public Schools Health Services Caring and helpful “I had a C-section on Dec. 11, and all the staff I came in contact with was wonderful. During my C-section, I had really bad anxiety and the staff listened to me, and that was calming. My daughter went to the NICU and the staff made sure I got to see her as fast as possible and that I knew what was going on. “Th e NICU staff was wonder-ful in helping maintain privacy while 2 Imagine Flu vaccine appreciated “We would like to thank your organization for your support of the free fl u vaccine for our school-age chil-dren. Our school participated in the Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services’ vaccination program. Your group has been very instrumental in helping our children stay healthy this winter. We Share your thoughts Please send your letter to: Imagine Magazine Public Relations One Hospital Drive, DC 028.00 Columbia, MO 65212 If you would like to share your story or thank your child’s caregivers, we’d love to hear from you.

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