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4 | Midwest Real Estate News | August/September 2015 | www.rejournals.com FEATURES Midwest’s multifamily boom: Multifamily construction and sales are still rising across the Midwest. The best news? No one expects a slowdown anytime soon. COLUMNS 28 Profile: Paul Davis, Affordable Housing Advisors 1 29 31 33 Market Position Can you deduct it? 32 The power of grocery-anchored retail: What makes for a thriving strip center? Often these days it’s a grocery anchor. What makes the grocery-anchored strip center so formidable? Midwest real estates pros have their theories. The personal page: Willy Walker, Walker & Dunlop 1 Directory Listings Downtowns on the rise: People want to live in urban downtowns today. Fortunately, the Midwest is home to a variety of downtown centers that are thriving. 12 Maintaining Skylines For Over 100 Years Apartment amenities come to office buildings: What attracts the top tenants to office buildings today? It helps to have amenities that you’d usually find in apartment buildings. 16 Who wants to live in a parking lot? It’s a mini-trend: Apartment developers are building suburban multifamily buildings in the parking lots of large malls. Consider it a mix of that urban and suburban feeling. 24 Strip center? It doesn’t have to be ugly: Is it possible to build a visually pleasing strip center? Sure. 25 INTERVIEWS/PROFILES 20 Nabbing the multifamily financing you need THE PROFESSIONALS IN MASONRY RESTORATION The survey: What do you like – or not like – about the CRE business? 22 e Pointers Cleaners Caulkers Union was established in 1898 and joined Bricklayers International in 1938. As “ e Best Hands in the Business” we handle accidental and weather related damage, and deterioration to your masonry façade from store fronts to skyscrapers, histori-cal landmarks to new construction. All members are medically evaluated and t tested and go thru 10 to 30 hours of OSHA training. Recognized by the City of Chicago for Sca old Training, members are also trained in Fall Protection and Silicosis Awareness. e Apprenticeship requires a minimum of 3 years training and is registered with the United States Dept of Labor. 26 Profile: Jay Olshonsky, NAI Global Anyone Interested in Quality Workmanship can contact: Administrative District Council #1 Call (630) 941-2300 for a list of Signitory Contractors Ad paid for by Tuckpointers Promotional Fund 27 Profile: Monte Mann, Novack and Macey

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