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SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION AQ Services International Founded 2001 | 85 employees Jeroen (Jay) de Koning, Partner/Account Director you a clearer picture of what your customer experiences when they come in contact with your brand. Phone 866-703-8238 www.ishopforyou.com information that our clients have used to monitor and improve customer satisfaction. We offer industry-related experience, a nationwide network of shoppers, state-of-the-art technology and proven success in increasing cus-tomer satisfaction levels. We provide comprehensive, actionable data that allows you to see your business as your customers see it. This information provides you with the tools to develop employee behavior through reward/ recognition and coaching/training pro-grams. The result is increased customer loyalty and revenues. Methodologies include mystery shopping, satisfaction surveys, customer intercepts, telephone evaluations, compliance and price au-dits. Over 80,000 independent contrac-tors throughout the world. Phone 614-761-0939 www.a-insights.com AQ Services International is a global business intelligence partner for your measurement work outside of the United States. We manage our own worldwide pool of fieldworkers through our local offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia. AQ specializes in mystery shopping and audits designed to deliver actionable and reliable insights that drive your frontline performance and sales. We are active in over 80 countries around the world with a dedicated team that speaks the language and knows local customs and culture. What drives us? Our passion and vision: to let people experience great service. Phone 786-441-5268 www.aq-services.com Anonymous Insights Inc. Founded 1996 Patti Lengel and Suzy Baker, Co-founders Since 1996, Anonymous Insights Inc. has converted over 3.5 million pieces of feedback into www.quirks.com Quirk’s Marketing Research Review // January 2016 51

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