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Top Taste Test Companies SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION creative sourcing! For central location tests, we staff and manage the entire process seamlessly. On-site, enjoy classroom-style or individual booth con-figurations, ample free parking directly outside our door to ensure on-time starts and a stocked kitchen with two fridges, two freezers, four microwaves, four ovens and its own viewing room. Plus, our building is privately-owned. No product, from cigarettes to alcohol, is off-limits! Phone 301-590-1160 www.areawidemarketresearch.com C&C Market Research Founded 1992 | 700 employees Thomas Morrison, Project Director 12 dedicated circuits, ample product prep tables, multiple large and small appliances, cookware and utensils. Our testing room features hardwood floors and seating for 32 with laptops and dividers. Each of our testing rooms has wireless amplifiers and our backup Internet is set to kick in within sec-onds in case the primary goes down. At AOC, we have an experienced staff and the tools your need to make your next taste test project a success! Phone 704-341-0232 www.aocresearch.com Area Wide Market Research Inc. Founded 1988 Ann Weinstein, CEO C&C Market Research is the complete answer to all of your data collection needs. For over 25 years our data collec-tion specialists and field locations, coupled with our proprietary programming and data transmission capabilities, have ensured countless successful projects for all our clients. We are the largest privately-owned and -operated data collection company in the U.S. and have remained a leader in today’s marketplace through hard work, ingenuity and a dedica-tion to quality. During this time, we have worked on numerous taste test projects in each of our facilities. From projects with light prep to projects with full kitchen prep, including ovens and ranges, we have experience across the board. Phone 479-785-5637 www.ccmarketresearch.com Area Wide’s seasoned staff pours three decades of experience into every project. Our professional in-house recruiting team – the most skilled in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia – can fill any group, from an intimate few to many hundreds. Recruiting low-incidence? That’s when we do our most www.quirks.com April 2016 // Quirk’s Marketing Research Review 53

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