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GALE DIGITAL COLLECTIONS BRING THE PAST TO THE FOREFRONT OF THE DIGITAL HUMANITIES The year 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of Gale launching its first digital archives. Since then, we have released more than 300 individual collections containing more than 200 million pages of primary source material spanning more than 500 years. The entire publishing team at Gale is proud that resources such as The Times Digital Archive and the Eighteenth Century Collections Online have transformed the ways in which all types of researchers can interact with history. This year, we are returning to our roots and giving this groundbreaking digitization program a single name: Gale Primary Sources. As areas of study expand and our geography becomes much more “local,” Gale Primary Sources will continue to create new library resources that support and expand scholarly research. We have started two major new series. Archives of Sexuality & Gender provides insight into issues of equality, diversity, and the culture of marginalized groups, while China from Empire to Republic explores the history of China and its interactions with the West from the late 18th century to 1949. We also continue to invest heavily in technology and innovation. Our Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library collection will be complete in 2017. This is a huge accomplishment, with millions of pages of the earliest Arabic printing rendered text searchable for the very first time. As Gale’s digital archive program grows, we continue to publish in core areas that interest students, researchers, and scholars the most, with archives that offer new insights and contexts—both historic and contemporary. The latest addition to our historical newspapers series is the 17th & 18th Century Nichols Newspapers Collection , a complement to our existing 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection . In legal history, we’re pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the American Civil Liberties Union, Papers 1912-1990, which will provide a unique view into how this organization has defended the rights of Americans across the social spectrum. Finally, 2017 sees the third (of four) installment of the State Papers Online: 18th Century series. These important new archives join a program that not only supports the growing role of digital humanities in the scholarly community but also will be central to the research process as Gale introduces new tools and technologies in the coming months and years. Gale is committed to being a partner to libraries, faculty, and students. We invite you to find out more about Gale Primary Sources in this, our 2017 catalog, and on our newly redesigned website at gale.com/primary-sources. Seth Cayley, Director of Research Publishing, International , Marc Cormier Director, Product Management, GPM

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