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Real Woman Winter 2017 : Page 2

“As women, I think we’re conditioned to put our pleasure second. The pain wasn’t allowing me to be in the moment.” “I watched the Cialis ads on TV, and I thought, ‘I wish there was some-thing I could do or take that would make sex better for me.’ And it turns out there is.” “After my breast cancer treatment, I wanted to feel like myself again, but it hurt to have sex. The MonaLisa Touch turned out to be the answer.” “It should feel good to have sex with the person you love. I’m in a wonderful marriage to my husband of 19 years, and I refused to sacrifi ce that part. At 47, I wanted my sex life back. This procedure changed everything for us.” Sex should feel good. NOW IT CAN. In the United States, as many as 32 million post-menopausal women and almost 3 million breast cancer survivors suffer from changes to their vaginal health, including dryness, itching and painful sex. Using a gentle laser called the MonaLisa Touch ® , Urology Care Alliance -Lawrenceville offers a safe and virtually painless 5-minute in-offi ce procedure to eliminate symptoms. Call today for a consultation. UROLOGY CARE ALLIANCE -LAWRENCEVILLE | 609-895-1991

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