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Maximize Your Borrowing Power With our custom combination options! 65% 55% 75% 80% Maximize Your LTV Up to 80% At Bank Financial we offer choices designed to provide you with short-term and long-term financial solutions. 1 Borrow Up to 80% LTV Investment Equity Loan 2 -With an Investment Equity loan from Bank Financial , you get long-term, fixed-rate financing for your apartment building acquisition, refinance or improvement project funding. This unique loan structure allows you to select the perfect mix of financing cost and repayment terms. Convertible Line Of Credit 3 -A floating rate revolving line of credit that you can use and reuse for short-term working capital needs, building improvement needs or to purchase a new multi-family building. The line of credit can convert to a fixed rate loan with up to a 25 year amortization. 4 Borrow Up to 80% LTV Ultimate Flexibility Contact us today to discover which choice works best for you! 1.800.468.1100 APTLending@bankfinancial.com 1. Available to non-owner occupied apartment buildings with eight or more units. Subject to credit approval. 2. Investment Equity is only available as a second lien. 3. Available as a first lien or junior lien if BankFinancial is the first lien holder. Cannot be used for new construction. 4. Conversion feature assumes loan is in compliance with all terms, conditions and covenants. 1.800.468.1100 | bankfinancial.com

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