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Visit us at HD Expo, May 3-5, BOOTH #1828 NICE DIGS Caravan—The Tiny House Hotel provides guests with six different tiny house options during their stay. The pair promotes their shared mission primarily through the community feel their hotel creates. Back in 2013, when millenni-als were still deciding on their preferences, Delman and Peterson managed to build what today’s hotelier would identify as a millennial-minded layout; the hotel’s six tiny homes sit side by side surrounding a fi re pit. This shared space is used to host advocacy groups from other areas, as well as Portland visitors who would like a tour of the tiny homes. There, Caravan guests can also eat together, socialize, and enjoy special events, like wed-dings, family gatherings, and Caravan Camp-fi re nights that feature songs and s’mores. “It is not just about tiny houses—it is also about Portland,” notes Delman. “Whenever we can, we feature local products and local art. We have room service from the restau-rant across the street. It is about celebrating our local community,” she says. Caravan attracts a wide range of guests— wider than Delman admits she ever antic-ipated. “We expected alternative-minded young people to be drawn to a place like Caravan, but it has attracted a larger de-mographic than we thought possible—from socioeconomic, to lifestyle, to geography, to age,” she says. Would-be tiny homeowners are drawn to the movement for the same social and envi-ronmental reasons as Delman and Peterson. At Caravan, they are given the chance to experience living in close quarters before taking the plunge. “Most people come to Caravan because they want to experience what it is like to spend a night in a tiny house. Many people think they actually want to build one, and we try to give them advice during their stay before they spend thousands of dollars and hours building and designing their own home,” explains Delman. Sometimes, Caravan guests who were previously gung-ho on tiny homes decide that, for them, it isn’t the right fi t for long-term living. Then again, sometimes, guests who were just looking for fun alternative lodging discover that they could live with a lot less. “If you read some of our reviews online, you will see that some people have a reali-zation that they don’t need so much stu or so much space after visiting Caravan,” says Delman. “That is an awesome impact.” W Hotel New York Downtown Linenless Solutions LUXURY MEETING & BANQUET FURNITURE Southern Aluminum provides luxury style meeting and banquet furniture that is built to withstand the vigorous demands of the hotel industry. 888.993.3016 www.sa-tables.com The Linenless Table Company iDesign Tables YOUR CALL PRAY OR SPRAY KILLS BED BUGS APRIL 201 7 LODGINGMA G A ZINE . C OM 27

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