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OM EDITOR’S NOTE Over it. April’s Fool I debated on ending there but I suppose some explanation is in order. We’ve all been there – the moments when you feel like life hates you and is trying to destroy everything good in your world. Well, that was my April. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a pessimist by any means but by the end of the month I was having one of those I-don’t-know-if-I-should-suck-my-thumb-and-cry-or-let-the-delirium-have-its-way-with-me moments. Think back to Tom Hanks in his 1986 comedy The Money Pit . The way that movie unfolds is quite similar to the wave of events that took place for me last month. April came in brilliantly! – a trip to beautiful Asheville filled me with new experiences and joy. Mr. Bluebird was definitely on my shoulder. Upon returning home from North Carolina I quickly switched gears and started planning, practicing and preparing for the United Way Women of Worth’s Lip Sync Challenge I had bravely committed to. The time I wasn’t spending coordinating the 3rd Annual Ocala Magazine Celebration of Nurses event, which also took place in April, was spent pretending to be Britney Spears – sometimes at six in the morning. Two huge events to pull-off back to back – no problem! I work amazingly under stress which may be why life threw a little (or should I say huge) wrench into the mix in the form of a burst pipe in my kitchen. That Tuesday morning looked like this – get a 10-year old off to school. Spend my morning closing out the May issue of OM . Spend a few hours rehearsing my lip sync. Head back to the office to work late on the nursing event. Finally, arrive home to the sound of gushing water and sopping wet carpet. Yep, I had a meltdown. April 1, Kelli 0. As I write this note, with torn carpets in my disheveled home and my child having just overcome some bug that had it coming from both ends, I can tell you this editor/mother/child of God is ready – really ready – for May! Having survived one hellacious month, I can also say April revealed some very compassionate neighbors, gracious business owners and reliable loved ones. When I had no way, a way was made for me. So for that, I am grateful. Take that, April! Kelli Fuqua Hart, Editor-in-chief OCTOBER 2016 I OCALAMAGAZINE.COM I 13

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