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4 | Midwest Real Estate News | MAY 2017 | www.rejournals.com FEATURES 1 Solving the last-mile problem in industrial: How can companies build 24 E-commerce changing the face of Indiana’s industrial markets: 30 The right formula for smart buildings: Sensors. Integrated DEPARTMENTS/COLUMNS 6 34 Editor’s Letter warehouses and distribution centers even closer to their customers in dense urban areas? It’s a challenge that is becoming increasingly important in the United States. Indiana is a great location for e-commerce companies. That is providing a big boost to the state’s industrial markets as e-commerce giants turn to the Hoosier State for new distribution centers and warehouses. building systems. Data analytics. Robotics. These technologies are all poised to change the way facilities managers, tenants and owners communicate with their commercial buildings. Directory Listings 1 The downtown boom hits Detroit: Downtowns across the Midwest are thriving. Detroit is no exception. The downtown boom here is helping this city continue its recovery from bankruptcy. 28 The transformation of downtown Cleveland: Tax credits and the 32 Edamame burgers and the rise of healthy fast foods: Cities across the Midwest are attracting fast-food restaurants that serve healthier fare. Is this a fad or a long-term trend? demand for urban living combine to move Cleveland’s downtown closer to the ultimate goal: a 24/7 destination for entertainment, shopping and dining. What other steps does the city have to take to further transform its urban core? 16 Big-box closures in Indianapolis? No problem: The city of Indianapolis, like most other big cities, is seeing plenty of big-box retail closures. But this Midwest city is already embracing alternative uses for these retail sites. 33 Can driverless cars, panic rooms and bowling save malls? Can driverless cars save struggling suburban shopping malls? Maybe … at least in part. These cars of the future might be one way technology can give a boost to malls. 29 Louisville still driving Kentucky’s economic fortunes: Kentucky has 18 Omaha still resilient as ever: The city of Omaha is seeing plenty of several important metro areas, with cities such as Lexington, Bowling Green and Covington serving as economic engines for the state. But today, no single metropolitan area is providing as big of a boost to the state as is Louisville. new development both in its downtown and suburban locations. The reason? Brokers here point to a strong labor force, pro-business government and affordable cost-of-living.

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