PRI Magazine October 2010 : Page 2

Total Seal® pioneered this horsepower producing technology over 40 years ago and has been perfecting it ever since. Available in both our patented Top or 2nd ring applications. Since our beginning, Total Seal® has introduced all of the most innovative advancements in piston ring technology... TECHNOLOGY THAT PRODUCES HORSEPOWER! So when you need the key to unlocking a true horsepower advantage, turn to the leader in piston ring technology, innovation and manufacturing...Total Seal® . Total Seal® can also handle any of your custom ring needs, from special coatings to any bore, thickness or radial dimension. CALL US...Even if you don’t currently use Total Seal® Piston Rings! If you’ve got a ring problem, or just need a question answered, we offer the technical expertise and assistance to help give you the winning edge! ™ Be sure to stop by and see us at these shows: SEMA Show – Booth 24235 PRI Show – Booth 3131 s Tolerances of +/–.000050” sImproved Sealing Between Piston and Ring sOptional PVD Coatings Engineered to Match Cylinder Material and Minimize Friction Losses sCustom Axial Thickness Down to .6mm sGapless® , Conventional or Napier Styles * U.S. Patent No. 6899595, U.S. Patent No. 7207870, U.S. Patent No. 7267602 sStronger and Longer Life – Most Precise Tolerances sThinner – Flatter – Lighter sConforms Better to the Cylinder Wall sMore Face & Anti-Friction Side Coatings sCustom Sizing – Specialized Face Profiles sGapless® , Napier or Conventional Styles s Increased Horsepower and Torque s Wider Torque Curve s Longer Engine Life – Fewer Teardowns s Improved Consistency – Longer Ring Life s Cleaner, Cooler Engine Oil – Better Oil Control s Less Friction – Increased Horsepower s Increased Intake Signal – More Engine Vacuum

Total Seal Inc