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T I NTRODUCTION TO THE N EW T ESTAMENT he New Testament is again in power and glory! the completion of the The 27 books of the New Scriptural masterpiece. Testament, penned by at least The Old Testament nine authors over a period of keted the world with the good without the New 50 years, fall naturally into news that sinners could Testament is like a story with-four divisions. become saints—that even out an ending, like a bud that The five Books of History Gentiles could enter the king-never flowers. “The New is in describe the life and ministry dom of God by faith. Churches the Old concealed; the Old is of Jesus Christ, and the spread sprang up from Jerusalem to in the New revealed.” of Christianity. Antioch, Galatia to Italy. The The Old Testament points Paul’s Epistles to Acts of the Apostles records ahead to Jesus Christ. He is Churches , of which there are the path of this mighty wave. the thread of redemption that nine, were written to encour-The good news of Jesus winds its way through the Old age and instruct new congre-Christ brings hope for tomor-Testament. gations of believers. row—and help for today! The That hope, that expecta-Paul’s Epistles to Pastors, New Testament Epistles tion, is clothed with flesh and of which there are four, exhort explain how the power of the blood in the New Testament church leaders to faithfulness risen Christ can transform (John 1:14). The Messiah and diligence. timid cowards into bold wit-appears! The Old Testament The nine General Epistles , nesses. Ordinary life becomes prophets were right! The Son originally written to persecut-an extraordinary walk of faith. of God has become the Son of ed Jewish believers, contain And the best news of all Man—the God-man. practical help for maturing awaits us in the prophecy of The record of His life is pre-Christians. Revelation—He is coming served for us in the four Gospel History, Epistles, Prophecy accounts. His —past, present, miraculous birth, future. Three PAUL’S EPISTLES: PASTORS His incomparable timeless per-1 Timothy 2 Timothy Titus Philemon words and deeds, spectives on His life-giving Jesus Christ, the 2 Thessalonians Revelation death and resur-same “yester-1 Thessalonians Jude rection distin-day, today, and Colossians 3 John Philippians 2 John guish Him as the forever” Ephesians 1 John most unique indi-(Hebrews 13:8). Galatians 2 Peter vidual of history. 2 Corinthians 1 Peter After Christ’s 1 Corinthians James ascension, His Romans Hebrews followers blan-PAUL’S EPISTLES: CHURCHES GENERAL EPISTLES Matthew Mark Luke John BOOKS OF HISTORY Acts WALK THRU THE NEW TESTAMENT 5

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