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Visit our Booth #708 Resources for Guiding Students into the World of Work STEM CAREERS INVENTORY NAME ™ INCLUDES GREEN JOBS M ATCH Y OUR P ERSONALITY TO A C AREER IN S CIENCE , T ECHNOLOGY , E NGINEERING , OR M ATH LAURENCE SHATKIN, PH.D. DATE GENDER AGE Many of tomorrow’s hot jobs will be in the STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and math. But which STEM jobs are a good fit for your personality? The STEM Careers Inventory asks whether you would like or dislike various activities related to six personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. It then helps you use your scores to identify and explore occupations that may fit your personality. This is not a test, so there are no right or wrong answers. When you are ready, turn the page and follow the directions beginning with Step 1. ISBN 978-1-59357-895-4. © 2011 JIST Publishing. Published by JIST Works, an imprint of JIST Publishing, 7321 Shadeland Station, Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46256-3923. Phone 800-684-JIST. Fax: 877-454-7839. E-mail: Website: All rights reserved. Duplication in any form is prohibited. Free administrator’s guide available at Quick kl Career Exploration Guide d Six Steps to Jobs That Match Your Personality Booklet • Package of 10 1–9 pkgs $46.95/pkg • 10+ pkgs $43.95/pkg 978-1-59357-860-2 STEM Careers Inventory Match Your Personality to a Career in Sci-ence, Technology, Engineering, or Math Assessment • Package of 25 1–9 pkgs $41.95/pkg • 10+ pkgs $38.95/pkg 978-1-59357-895-4 EZ Occupational Outlook Handbook, Second Edition Reference book $20.95 978-1-59357-831-2 Career & Life f Explorer, l Third h d Edition d Assessment • Package of 25 1–9 pkgs $41.95/pkg • 10+ pkgs $38.95/pkg 978-1-59357-830-5 A Division of EMC/ Paradigm Publishing JIST Publishing | 875 Montreal Way, 1 St. 7/21/11 Paul, Minnesota 55102 AR11-60_ACTE_Techniques_(1/2pH)_Layout 10:08 AM NovemberDecember_2011_JIST_Techniques.indd 1 | Page 800.648.5478 | JIST.COM 1 9/20/11 9:18 AM Visit our Booth # 327 Save money and train skilled welders faster with our virtual reality welding simulator. AR11-60 © The Lincoln Electric Co. All Rights Reserved. N ovember/december 2011 Techniques 29

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