Yellowstone Valley Woman Magazine December 2011/January 2012 : 37

says her 8-and 3-year-old daughters are always a source of inspiration for her work. “These kids of mine are a reminder of the extremes of human emotion and feeling. Adults are so polite. My daughter can be kissing me up one minute and screaming in fury moments later... I guess I feel that way sometimes too. Adults are just big children trained to be quiet. Maybe we just have a teensy bit more self-control. But to feel with the intensity that children do, that is enviable. I’m glad to have my art to express and explore these ideas in.” She explores the challenges of being a mom in her humorous Mad Mom series. Topping a finely stitched image of a 1950s-style housewife with a roughly stitched head inspired by a child’s drawing, she reveals the feelings inside the idealized image of a homemaker. Hiltner says, “I especially love a Mad Mom with angry eyebrows and a smile. We’ve all been there, gritting our teeth and trying to keep it all together.” On balancing work and family, Maggy describes the conflict many of us experience: “As a mom, I feel guilty when I’m in my studio—I should be with my kids—and guilty when I’m with my kids—I should be in my studio. I would love to shed that guilt! I do want to make sure to be an example to my girls that I’m an artist and a professional as well as a mom.” Despite the challenges Maggy faces in trying to balance art and mothering, she manages to bring these two strands of her life together nearly every day and in many ways. At the country school her children attend outside of Red Lodge, for example, she coordinated the art program for preschool through 4th grade for several years. This involved planning the curriculum, supplying the materials and teaching every week of the school year. This year she is working with the school to expand and support an arts program to ensure the availability of visual art, music and foreign language instruction for all of the school’s students for perpetuity. At home, she and her girls are nearly constantly creating, whether they are making homemade birthday party invitations, decorating cupcakes, or drawing images that may someday end up depicted in one of Maggy’s fantastic embroideries. before & afters Your car is important to you and we know that... we can help you the entire time from start to finish! 2012 1st Ave N | Billings, MT 59101 Monday -Friday 8:00 am -5:30 pm YELLOWSTONEVALLEYWOMAN.COM | DECEMBER 2011/JANUARY 2012 The ONLY AAA Approved Autobody Shop in Billings 406-256-8366 37

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