ACTE Techniques January 2012 : Page 45

Figure 1: Illinois fan graphic for the 16 career clusters credit instruction in a career pathway. The fan also provides an understanding of the transition process through which traditional students proceed through a se-quence of courses—ones taken at multiple levels that lead to certificate and degree attainment and into employment. Sections of the fan blur into one anoth-er to indicate the importance of student transition from the cluster to the pathway to the Program of Study. As noted on the graphic, secondary students can access postsecondary-level coursework through dual credit. Also worth mentioning is that the arrow labeled “Programs of Study” extends beyond the boundaries of the fan, indicating that education and career de-velopment continue throughout a person’s lifespan. The POS arrow also denotes that individuals can earn education cre-dentials beyond the traditional associate Januar y 2012 Techniques 45

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