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A Host Of Added Benefits

Foreign-Trade Zone offers advantages to port tenants

Port Corpus Christi’s Foreign-Trade Zone No. 122 – one of the nation’s largest FTZs – is providing additional benefits to many firms with operations at the port. Spanning nearly 25,000 acres, FTZ No. 122, established in 1985, was the first such zone in the continental United States to include refinery subzones, of which it has six. The FTZ also has eight nonrefinery subzones and four active generalpurpose zones.

Like other FTZs, Port Corpus Christi’s zone is considered outside the United States for Customs purposes. That means foreign and domestic merchandise may be moved into the zone for storage, assembly, manufacturing and processing without payment of duties and without being subject to import restrictions until a decision is made to enter the goods into the U.S. market. If the merchandise or final product is exported from the U.S., no Customs duty or tax is levied.

Thus, FTZ users can defer or reduce duty payments, stream line supply chain costs, simplify inventory control and recordkeeping, and improve their competitive position in domestic and foreign markets.

Users of FTZ No. 122 also receive ongoing support from the port’s FTZ manager and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection port director, plus Port Corpus Christi’s membership in the federal Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program facilitates preferential processing by U.S. Customs.

To learn more about FTZ No. 122, phone 361-885- 6187 or, toll-free, 1-800-580-7110.